Start releaseing updates regularly

I know this is a corporate MMO, but please for the love of god don’t announce you’re going to be buffing dungeon loot 1 month prior to the update. Why do you need a month long PTR for small changes? Me and my friends have quit because doing dungeons knowing that is literally a waste of keys because the next update will make them much better is a peanut brain move.

This is my last ditch effort to keep myself interested in this game, if the patch isn’t out within a week I’ll probably forget about this game.

So instead of some testing you want no testing? You didn’t think this post through. If grinding the same 2 expeditions is all you enjoy then there’s probably better games out there for you anyway.

Two dungeons @tt123? Nice narrative you are creating there.

Also, the strawman of No Testing.

Pretty much weak attacks all around. Nothing to see here.

I’m asking that miniscule changes that require no testing be implemented regularly. Does it really take a month to test a drop rate increase? No, it doesn’t, but anyone with a brain playing the live game obviously will not do dungeons knowing that the next patch is gonna improve the drop rates. You really didn’t think your reply through unless you genuinely believe the devs barricading the tiny bit of content they have in the game for an entire month is acceptable.

Obviously mutated dungeons and stuff like that requires testing.

The Devs are just stalling because they released the game too early for financial reasons. I will not be surprised if updates get spaced out even more with the launch of Lost Ark since they are dedicating resources to censoring that game right now.

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