Starting locations - weapon locations

It always annoyed me that I had to start the game with a Sword and Shield, and not the weapon I wanted. So I was looking forward to seeing how the starting weapons were allocated in this new release.

First thing I noticed is that everyone I know started in Monarch’s Bluff. I created 4 different starting characters on different servers and they all started in MB. When I asked in chat where everyone started, they all said MB, no one said WW. So each time I started in MB, I abandoned the Sole Survivor starting quest and ran to WW to start it there. There was never anyone there on the beach except me. Let me know if any if you started in WW.

I looked all over the WW beach and starting area and never found a Life Staff. I got my Void Gauntlet, and found a number of other weapons, but no LS. The LS is easy to find in MB, but nowhere to be found in WW.

Also in MB I found Rapier, Shield, Hammer and Greatsword. It looks like they distributed some in MB and some in WW, but I haven’t seen any instance of the same weapon in both locations. And I never found a Spear or Bow.

If anyone knows where there’s a Spear or Bow in either location, please let me know here. Also, if ANYONE has found a LS anywhere in WW, please let me know here. The VG was tricky to find, it was on top of the rock behind the statue where you see the new video.


I realy like to know about this too. Have found pritty much all weapons but llifestaf at WW, andt in Monarchs I find all, But I havent started in WW ever even after a lot of tests so maybe thats why?!?

Yeah, I have yet to meet anyone who started in WW, everyone I’ve spoken to started in MB. I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion of this.

I finally found the LS (MB), VG (WW), Spear (WW) but have yet to find the Bow. My wife is starting with Spear/Bow and would like to find the Bow. Could you tell me where you found it?

Lifestaff in MB: run toward the ships Grace has you search, and on the left mountainside you will see a kind of trellis made of rope. Right in front of that is a box with the LS on the ground next to it.

VG in MB: when you start making your way toward Corinth, you get called to look at a statue face on a rock. After completing that quest, climb up on top of the rock and the VG is there.

Spear in WW: Grace sends you to some ships to recover the Astrolaeb, Candelabra, and one other thing. Search one of the nearby ships and on the top of the rear upper deck is the Spear.

I’ve looked all over MB and have never found a LS there, only in WW.


I thought I remember reading or hearing the devs talk about eliminating Windsward and Everfall as starter towns because they have so many advantage in the game they wanted to spread players to First Light and Monarchs. But I can’t seem to figure out where i heard this.

Yeah, I recall that conversation too, I think it may have been in the September dev stream, but so far it appears they’re just using Monarch’s as a starting town, even though all four of the original starting locations still have watchtowers.

In fact, even though you don’t start in WW, you can still hit the beach in Monarch’s, avoid taking the quest there and just run straight over to the WW watchtower. You’ll wind up with two starting quests (“Sole Survivor”) on your quest tracker. Hit J to open the Journal and Abandon the Monarch’s Bluff one and you can just start in WW.

First Light is already/going to be a dead zone awaiting revamp to become a higher level zone AFAIK. Only 2 starting zones now; Monarchs and Windsward.

The big disappointment to me is that they renamed Windsward to Corinth City. The questline is all about a Greek curse, yet it remains a Western-European themed/looking town.

I feel all the artists were assigned to remodelling Monarchs, ran out of time and couldn’t remodel Windsward.

I find it sad to hear that First Light is no longer going to be a starting zone. I prefer a 1st Light start and then do the run to WW. I will farm enough wood and flint to make all the gathering tools then head out. The herbs in 1st Light offer cinnamon so I harvest those along with hemp just outside of the city. Then on the run to WW I will harvest iron, hemp and if harvesting is high enough the mote plants. By the time I hit Windy my bags are full and I can usually craft gear score 200 weapons I want to learn before I head to the starting area.

The run from MB though isn’t bad if you cut over to the area with the buffaloes you can fill your bags with hemp 1200+ before you reach Windy. I quick run outside Windy for some iron and wood and then craft your weapons and head to the starting zone.

Also if you have enough iron craft your gathering iron tools before you head to the starting area.

Kind of confusing, Did you found LS in WW or MB? I have found it in MB but not WW

The LS is in MB in front of the ropes on the wall as I described, I could never find one in WW.

Maybe make a map, would be nice to have for fresh servers!

if i recall correctly the bow is on the bow of one of the shipwrecks in MB. You have to climb up 2 tiers on the bow.

Maybe it’s a play on word that put the bow there, but i believe that’s where i saw it.

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Taht would be awesome!

Anyone know where the Hatchet is on the starting beaches?

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I’m trying to put together a couple maps for this, but I’m having trouble finding some of them. Since we’ve got a few people that have looked around in here hoping we can collab to finish this out.

Working on MB atm, I’ve found everything except Hatchet, Spear, Warhammer, Blunderbuss. I don’t think there is a Blunderbuss spawn because you just get a Blunderbuss from the starting questline, so realistically I’m just missing Hatchet, Spear, & Warhammer if anybody knows where those 3 are in MB.

I haven’t actually started the WW map yet, but I distinctly know where at least some of them are, ones I’m not positive I know where they are is Lifestaff, Greataxe, Greatsword, Musket, Hatchet, & Bow (and once again Blunderbuss but again I don’t think it’s there, but if anyone has found it on the ground lmk). I’ll update if I found any more, but if you have details on any of the ones I listed please lmk so I can fill this out.

@anthony.james.frost great to hear that you’re working on this, I’ve been creating new characters and searching both beaches for days now trying to locate the last few I don’t have.

On MB, I am also missing Hatchet, Spear and Warhammer. Sounds like these might not be available. I actually spawned into WW today for the first time so it looks like they may be tweaking launch parameters.

On WW, I found the Bow on the upper deck of a ship near the ones that Grace asks you to search. Greatsword was looted as a “Dread Keel”, haven’t found the Musket GA, LS or the Hatchet. I am mostly interested in the Hatchet as that is my wife’s starting weapon. Looks like neither one of us has found a Hatchet at either location. :frowning:

Good luck and keep us posted here on what you find. Thanks!

Hey, could you maybe give more details where the bows are? Me and a friend been searching for hours but we can’t find them. We were about to give up but your post gave us hope! :smiley:

In MB i found the bow one top of one of the ships at the front if i recall correctly. you will get send to this ship by the questline. its the first mission that wants u to kill some of the mobs right beside the ship.

hope this helps!

Spear and blunderbuss u get by the questline in MB. the only 2 im missing right now is void gauntlet and warhammer, hit me up if someone finds them in MB :slight_smile:

thanks found the one in MB!


the VG in Monarchs is down there when you leave the cave

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@ecco13 glad you found the bow, I was about to give you detailed instructions to that shipwreck!

@puramortae the VG in MB is easy to find. After you watch the video of Medea, go around and climb up on that rock that holds the statue, it’s lying up there.

EDIT: I just realized the VG on top of the rock is in WW, not MB. Sorry about that.

Now, has ANYONE found a Hatchet yet? I would sure like to find the starting Hatchet.

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Are you sure the bow you’re referencing was in WW and not MB? I’m not sure which ships you’re referencing for the WW bow if you found it.

Side-note: The only weapons that can drop out of the weapon chest after beating the corrupted priest or w/e is the Great Axe, Bow, Musket, & Rapier. So 25% chance theoretically from there. Does make me wonder if any of the other chests in the area have drops for these weapons.