Starting Tutorial


Starting out tutorial

Advanced players can skip this tutorial. Before being asked to move when you wash up on shore, simply press ESC > Game Menu > Skip to New World.

This takes you directly to the starting beaches of the main game, but note, you’ll not have shield or one ration.

However, if you are new to New World, it’s good to do this tutorial at least once.

You survived.

Washing up on a beach, you learn to move using W,A,S,D.

Is the quest marker. Move to this location.

As you move to this location, you’ll be attacked.

Follow instructions on screen.

  • X - Draw your Weapon. (starter sword)
  • Right Mouse - To block with your sword.
  • Left Mouse - To attack.
  • Space Bar - To dodge the incoming attack.
  • Hold Left Mouse - Delivers a heavy attack.

This is your first kill. Congratulations.

At this point, you cannot move, forcing you to speak with Captain Thorpe.

After a brief conversation - you’ll now see a bag of discarded items.

Press E, to pick up a shield and two rations.

Collect and press TAB to fill the slots marked for shield and rations.

Pressing ESC to back out,you’ll be asked to press 3 to consume a ration, restoring your health bar.

Sprint is the next pop-up, showing you that Left Shift allows you to move faster.

As you move up the beach, you’ll notice another monster to fight and a small pop-up, reminds you again of the combat functions.

Now go ahead and kill that monster.

VICTORY! Well done. Continuing up the beach, you’ll find another and another after that.

Up and over with Left Shift and W key.

And under you go with the C button to crouch.

A new enemy awaits, A shield bearing drowned sailor and more instructions.

The yellow bar is their shield bar. Break it with Heavy Attacks and then finish him off.

With the end of this fight, you should now be level 2 in Sword and Shield. Congratulations.

Press the K button.

This opens only the weapon mastery section, forcing you to click on the sword and shield mastery tree.

Once clicked it will open a choice, to spend your first mastery point.

Choose one and click the commit point button.

The skill is then moved to your Q button, but you can move it to R or F should you choose.

Press ESC to get back on the path and run up the hill.

As you go, it will inform you about the autorun feature.

Default key “ = “ sign.

Continue up the hill to the cutscene.

It’s not over yet. Now you’ve reached the top, head down the other side.

At the bottom, you’ll be shocked to find spoiler Captain Thorpe is not actually as dead as you first thought. After a quick fight and cutscene, your first steps into Aeternum are over and you find yourself, portaled to a beach.

There are a few beaches you can end up on though, randomly.

  • Everfall - Near the Fort.
  • First Light - bottom of the map, south east corner.
  • Monarch’s Bluff - Jawbone Cove.
  • Windsward - South East of the settlement.

Arriving at the beach, you’ll either see the quest marker above, or a shining beam of light, indicating the way to go to complete the first main quest in a long adventure ahead on Aerternum.


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This skip caused my game to crash and enter the infinite “starting area” queue.

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