Stash and Inventory management

Hey there,

I was thinking why our Stash and Inventory management is so user unfriendly?
Example: I have new armor sets (mining, harvesting, logging). In order for me to know which item has which perk I need to hover my mouse over it to see. Perhaps it is possible to update the stash/inventory so we can create a sub-class and name it like: Apparel → Mining; Apparel → Harvesting; Apparel → Focus build and put those items in relevant sub-categories?
Another example would be town project. We can get a quest there to create such and such armor, perhaps it would be better if we could group our preferred items into one slot name it “Mining” and load it into storage or wear it and it automatically changes full set and you dont have to “play” around with each armor piece…
Further in the game we will have a lot of trouble managing your items and it will become a problem.

I’m sure this will make both life and gaming experience much better. And yes, I know it would take time if this idea is good enough to be implemented in the game

Lets make sure admins see this post, this is for the benefit of all!


to go along with this - gear sets - click a button and put on a user determined set (mining, fishing, etc)


it doesn’t even need to put them on if people think that is “too powerful/overpowering” just highlight the items in the set so I can EASILY click em on


This would improve new world quality of life by leaps and bounds for me. I have gotten around switching armours somewhat by having 2 set that are crafted so i only have to search for the name. However this breaks as soon as i want to put a non crafted piece into play. Doesn’t work to search for “mining” to put on a mining set though as the search doesn’t check anything but the name of the item.

WE NEED ability to change outfits more readily or a change to how buffs are applied to armor. IE: Mining Harvesting rarity etc. Its sad that the inventory management is so bad. I carry around at least 5 different set of armor and trying to switch between them is a nightmare. Game breaking imo.


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