State Of Game Opinions / Ideas

So I see a lot of people currently complaining about the issues that came with the “Into the Void”. I understand the frustration with this as I am as well as all of you am affected. Here’s my take on this and welcome to discussion but I am no way in saying my ideas are the right ideas.
I truly believe they want this game to be great, just by reading all of their patch notes you can tell they have insane amounts of passion for this game to be great. So if anyone from amazon reads this, Hats of to you guys and Im rooting for ya!

  • Sever lag has sky rocketed since this update. Don’t know if its specifically linked to the Void Gauntlet abilities but its so bad our elite chest run group crashed our server.

  • Nerfing elite chests when in large groups. We are marauders on our server and are losing badly so we have gathered our fellow green companies together to farm elites together as a group to try and catch up and to have a fighting chance. Sadly now it has become almost pointless since large groups gets less loot and mobs have become insanely harder. The mobs being more difficult to clear is honestly not a complaint but making it not worth the time does suck.

  • New world doesn’t seem to like group participation. Just like the elite nerfs, it just doesn’t seem like new world wants you to do anything with your friends. Raid Groups are non existent with no sight of them anytime soon. You can’t que OPR as a company or larger group than 5. Personally i would love to see Raid groups of at least 20 people make an appearance since it feels like companies are just a bigger social menu.

  • Company / Guild Banks. Please for the love of god add some type of guild bank system. Even if upgrading the weight limit on it is expensive I think this would be an amazing feature especially with how many items new world carries.

  • Wars in my opinion can be very one sided. Since the majority of people choose syndicate it becomes insanely hard to be the underdog. They control the 3 main trade hubs on the server and with the income they generate it becomes insanely hard to catch up. I know most people would say then pick syndicate but it still sucks lmao.

Again thank you new world team. I personally love the game and I knew from the start it wouldn’t be a bump free ride. Ignore the sensitive reviews who don’t understand the struggles you guys are facing. Take your time, do it right, and the real players will be here for the long haul.

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