State of new world worse than ever? Or were we here a year ago?

I was at least looking forward to transmogs. But as I said in another topic before, transmogs should be a side activity you do whenever you dont want to do the “serious” content.

Very disappointed that there are no pvp updates coming. I started this game mainly because of arenas (because we were tired of the zero balances and terrible state of rated pvp in WoW Shadowlands). Had actually high hopes but they got destroyed quite quickly. Now I barely log on, just when I’m super bored.

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Every update/planned update since Brimstone has been a complete miss. It still amazes me that they thought auto-healing potions was a good idea. Now they’re forcing stat-pad contests on us. People also grew tired of the combat meta like 2-3 months ago and it hasn’t changed since.

Just feels like AGS still somehow doesn’t understand their player base, which is the basis of the “do they even play their own game?” types of jokes.

It’s really not that funny anymore.


Churning out the same silly skins for over a year now makes it seem pointless to leave any feedback.
All of US West could play on one server right now.
And it took a year to get colored AOE which we haven’t seen yet, yet was highly requested since before launch.
Could go on and on. Feels worse than this time last year despite the addition of Brimstone which was great.

Transmog is something to look forward to, that is if you have faith that it won’t be an absolute PITA or broken on arrival.

IMO there is way too much drama on the forums right now, and people are over exaggerating everything. And of course some are trolling.

We were in the same spot last year, and things recovered and IMO the same will happen again.


Not near as bad as a year ago IMO. IIRC this was when desync was at it’s all time high, azoth travel costs were insane, etc.

That being said, the content hasn’t changed much since then, which is the concerning part.


You’re right a lot is still the same. Like mass reporting bans: brought up many times as well in the forums.

And I don’t remember this happening this time last year, but maybe it was:


I dont disagree at all that there are still many problems, but in my opinion they are vested in this game, and the game is in a better state than it was a year ago…the mood of the forums is about the same as well.


How is having 20k playerbase from the 100k we got from brimstone is any sort of over exaggerating?


If youve spent the past week in these forums and believe there has been no exagerration/hyperbole/entitlement, etc then ok thats great.


People are frustrated, those 20k numbers don’t lie at all, and they have every right to be frustrated. They’re paying costumers buying a game that supposed to have longevity. AGS can’t even maintain 90% of their original population.

But I guess these people are entitled right? Using hyperbole for a game that is absolutely struggling to survive.

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I’m feeling moderately positive about NW overall. We’ve had lots of updates (good/bad/ugly/mixed) this past year, and developers have shown a willingness to hear out the community on key topics (see reflexive healing potions) and make/stop changes. The fact that they delayed the combat balance update because of feedback is actually very positive and encouraging news too.

They don’t always listen to us (cough, Leaderboards, cough), but they are listening. I’ve played this game thousands of hours, and will keep playing as long as I find something fun/interesting to do with my time in NW. Numbers will go back up with both the Spring/Summer updates, as players keep continuing to return for content releases. The current world population is absolutely normal if you’ve followed NW (and its up and down trajectory) historically since launch.

It may feel like it, but I don’t believe the Sky is Falling, not yet at least.


no exaggerating or trolling here…i was a new world fan since launch…but after this no longer


Flamethrower and Blunderbuss are even worse… well maybe not worse than musket

This is terrible and i hope they can fix it for you.

That’s messed up on AGS’s end. Losing people’s characters needs to be urgent, and prioritized above all this BS like leaderboards.

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100% worse, they did something they shouldn’t have done which is try to relax and hope players eventually find their way back into the new world concept, that was not even complete when released and still isn’t.

For whatever reason they were very cocky and confident, thinking the game was good enough to interest players, but now they have a small player base that has most likely been clinging onto hope, which is a terrible thing to do to a human.

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Definitely not at the worse. PvE side people will constantly say in every MMO there isn’t enough content which it is the nature of the beast. Having to crank PvE dlc is laborious and taxing on resources for short term benefits.

PvP side it will always be balancing issues which is the blight of all MMO developers. New World however isn’t hopeless it is still sitting on the foundations of being the best MMO. I just feel they haven’t tapped into the potential.

PvE side I feel like expeditions are fun at first but get old real quick. As far as PvP aimbots and muskets just ruin the experience. PvP at times is soo much fun and addictive but getting mowed down by a firing squad is busted. On top of that PvP players don’t feel wanted so the ones I know have already moved on or getting ready for the next MMO that will make content equally for the PvP side as well as PvE. You know something as simple as a new OPR map should of been low hanging fruit.

Back in the day, updates were more frequent. And every month you could expect either good changes or new content. Nowadays, we need to wait 2 months to get anything, and its very small. They lied to us about “more updates every 2 months”. Game is dying anyway no one cares. Waiting for TaL


I’ve been here the entire time but finally gave up like all my friends previously did. The lack of care for pvp content is evident that this isn’t the game for many people. Without pvp, the economy is going to tank. Nothing actually sells unless it’s bis pvp gear. I haven’t logged in for 6 days, even to do my crafts.


I’m probably done until the next major content release so like October or whenever. Too many other games coming up.