State of new world worse than ever? Or were we here a year ago?

100% worse, they did something they shouldn’t have done which is try to relax and hope players eventually find their way back into the new world concept, that was not even complete when released and still isn’t.

For whatever reason they were very cocky and confident, thinking the game was good enough to interest players, but now they have a small player base that has most likely been clinging onto hope, which is a terrible thing to do to a human.

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Definitely not at the worse. PvE side people will constantly say in every MMO there isn’t enough content which it is the nature of the beast. Having to crank PvE dlc is laborious and taxing on resources for short term benefits.

PvP side it will always be balancing issues which is the blight of all MMO developers. New World however isn’t hopeless it is still sitting on the foundations of being the best MMO. I just feel they haven’t tapped into the potential.

PvE side I feel like expeditions are fun at first but get old real quick. As far as PvP aimbots and muskets just ruin the experience. PvP at times is soo much fun and addictive but getting mowed down by a firing squad is busted. On top of that PvP players don’t feel wanted so the ones I know have already moved on or getting ready for the next MMO that will make content equally for the PvP side as well as PvE. You know something as simple as a new OPR map should of been low hanging fruit.

Back in the day, updates were more frequent. And every month you could expect either good changes or new content. Nowadays, we need to wait 2 months to get anything, and its very small. They lied to us about “more updates every 2 months”. Game is dying anyway no one cares. Waiting for TaL


I’ve been here the entire time but finally gave up like all my friends previously did. The lack of care for pvp content is evident that this isn’t the game for many people. Without pvp, the economy is going to tank. Nothing actually sells unless it’s bis pvp gear. I haven’t logged in for 6 days, even to do my crafts.


I’m probably done until the next major content release so like October or whenever. Too many other games coming up.

I wasnt here a year ago, but I’ve been here long enough to see some glaring issues that go unadressed. For me personally the whole toxic scene that has evolved is really brining the game down. For me everything feels tainted by the amount of cheating going on, especially RMT-buying. It just makes everything feel pointless and frankyl just dirty to do. I dont want to engage with trading or crafting as everything in this economy is tainted. The game really isnt that bad its just the grind is absurde and with no clear goal for the grind its hard to be motivated to run mutations.

All the constant whining about PVP is also a huge turn-off, every day someone is whining that this skill, that weapon, such armor etc is op, needs to be nerfed, needs to be destroyed blah blah and it just keeps on coming. Huge turn-off but the game really isnt that bad, the community needs alot of fixing tho. Ban cheaters, gold buyers, dupers, exploiters etc and i have a feeling both issues PVP and PVE will be largely resolved.

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Uninstalled the game a while ago, but still keeping an eye on the game. Atm it looks totally like, they decided to shut it down, and just can’t say anything, or promise anything , cuz it would cause legal issues in the future. There is no way for an MMO to continue like this. They just try to get some cash before the shutdown comes, and that’s all. Well it was fun at least for a few months, but that’s it.


When game was released and it was a big mess because of different things, a lot of people said just wait one year and it will be great.
Now here we are much later than a year and 2023 is just starting as the first months of release when it comes to players feedback and fixes.

  • weapon balance needs months again
  • no PvP content but actually also no PvE content
  • horrible skins
  • barely any usefull or informative comunication towards the players
  • questionable dev videos while we desperately waiting for any info about content or time plans
  • bugs and exploits
  • crafting worst rng i have ever seen
  • performance problems like server sided lags and desync

There is much more i could tell but i kinda get sick of repeating myself and thats the point where i´m ready to let go forever.


No, the game has improved a lot. Every change is good and do something is better than nothing.

Is just it needs a few more rework, balancing and etc.

Is a matter of time. And it is very simple if you like the game play it, 8f not then leave it.

I stopped playing the game a long time ago and now I’m back.


Because now for me is better upgrade gear using gypsum from different activities. I never did mutateds more than a M3 and probably I never will. I like pvp.


Every game improves but the things that you call improvement should have been in the game already by the first day of release.
They needed more than a year to make the game somewhat ok to play.

I think most people who like New World have abandoned the forums, so all you’re left with is that toxic vibe. You’ll notice the same posters promoting the same complaints.

I don’t think the game is perfect but I think it’s much improved compared to release and definitely worth working on. I find it completely playable now, and look forward to future updates.


They’re simply doing a full circle. The game is about to drop below 20k once again because of lack of content. Nobody is gonna wait till the end of the year for cross-server Group Finder. By the time that thing is gonna come out, they’ll have only 1-3 servers left in each region - just like last year. This time they don’t have anything big like Brimstone. I doubt a single raid is gonna carry New World through entire 2023. There’s many good games coming out this year. Many will simply move on. Majority of players are already gone. Barely any PvE players left on the high pop server that I’m in. Last summer, prior to Brimstone Sands, the game dropped to 13k total players. I expect the same thing to happen in a few months. They’re focusing on the wrong things. Who even asked for Leaderboards when there’s much more important stuff missing in the game?! The few things that they announced need way too long to arrive. I really tried to be positive with this game, but things are looking really bad for New World right now.

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Thanks for the laugh. Mostly people that really like NW and don’t plan on playing anything else anytime soon are stuck here on the forums. Majority of people who don’t like the game already quit, and most never come back. The subreddit feels like a very small village while there’s only like 3 people who are still creating YT videos for NW. Sure, some people use these forums to vent shortly before they leave, but many simply quit quietly without even saying a word. They just uninstall or don’t launch the game anymore. The forums only reflect the current state of the game. People feel left out and completely ignored while the game still has major problems.


Yea, they seem to improve the game in some aspects but still fail to deliver.

I have 2 friends that I played with from Beta. We all quit a few months before Brimstone was released.

We came back with FSS, did every PVE content we could find, and when we got bored with PVE we tried PVP. They both quit when we were constantly being matched with healers and broken builds libe bb/ig, GS/Spear in arena. OPR was just another FPS game.

There is no consistency at the moment. You can level up in a few days. I remember years ago in other MMO’s as a new player that whenever I saw a max lvl player with awesome looking gear I had a goal to work for, and the leveling took weeks or months but it was fun.

Now everyone wants to rush everything. So the players changed as well because everyone wants to be good and have everything without much work

This issue is made worse by the fact that everyone can use any weapon and have any trade skill they want so there’s no identity to any character you create. They are all the same

It’s like a game made for children that want to do whatever they want with no restrictions. It’s all fun and games for a while until you realize that everyone having everything and lack of diversity is meaningless in the long run

Same as in real life, if you have everything and no goals, it can drive you mad. Most rich people are depressed and resort to dark ways to give further meaning to their lives

Yes we were here a year go.
For example, the mass-reporting exploit existed since open beta. And it still works now, a year later.

And AGS still denies there’s auto-moderation… so it’s got to be corruption then.


No, not everyone.
Mostly it’s PvP. Unlike the actually popular PvP games, NW has levelled systems. So there’s a numerical advantage if you rush and get the highest levels and the best gear. If they don’t, they think they are fodder – and mostly this is true.
Why do you think they pay RMT to shop for BIS from the Trading Post? Do you think PvPers want to be food for established players until they can earn their gear?

The really popular PvP games don’t have levelling in the same way. You can jump right in and it’s all a matter of practice to improve your skill and you are otherwise on a level playing field with everyone else right away.

This happens in every MMO with levelled systems and PvP. It’s a huge struggle to get a decent player base for PvP in such situations and devs start offering bribes and tweaking systems to get people to play, even to just get people to show up and loss farm so there’s fodder to get the queues going.

Once people start rushing, everything in a levelled game starts to break down – like no one doing lowbie content anymore.

Separate PvP and PvE servers would have been best. Keep the PvPers all together with their rushing and RMT and stuff.
Delete the territory control system for the PvE servers and completely disallow any sort of PvPing, so you don’t even have fake-PvPers trying to get extra loot with loss farming or avoiding PvP while flagged.


This is another issue with the game. Crafting should not be the best way to get BIS gear.

Take WOW for instance, crafting was good during leveling and it provided you with Pre-dungeon gear. The best PVP profession was engineering due to utility.

I’m not saying it had the best crafting system, but it was balanced.

In NW, because how broken crafting is, bots and RMT thrived. And the Coins are part of the issue, because you can buy the best gear.

Sure, you can say that in POE, the BIS gear comes from crafting, but they have a different currency system there, and most high tier currency comes from very few people that farm high level content, while average players support high tier players with low tier currency. POE used to have a symbiosis relationship between players that did different content as each benefited the other.

This is where NW makes mistakes. Since everyone can have any profession, everyone can farm everything. At least in POE you need to invest in a specific build and atlas tree to farm different contents, here you can just go in light armor and farm away

They devs need to make some big changes in the game without being concerned about current player retention. Some players will dislike the changes while other will return and enjoy them.

Look at Riot and their description for their MMO. They mentioned that the vision they have for the game will make some players like it while other will not, and they are ok with that.

Everthing is said right here.

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Happy New World players don’t generally complain.

What you read about is the experience of a few people that are always unhappy.

Do not believe for a moment that the few unhappy people represent the whole of the games player base.


Lmk if you keep having a problem with it. I’ll help.