State of the Economy

Let’s be honest here, making gold is not easy and has been drastically been affected by many different reasons. Average players who don’t have trophies, don’t have max gear, and don’t have luck or watermark, are hurting. Bad. Most money making methods have been made not worth doing but we are forced to because there is nothing else.

I chopped trees and mature trees and it took 30 minutes for a full inventory. In all, I made around 1200 Lumber and it sells for .70 on my server. After the cost of sandpaper, taxes, and fees, I net roughly 500g for 30 minutes of work. 1k per hour.

I gathered rawhide next. It took me 50 minutes to get a full inventory of 8000. After tanning to rugged, price checking and determining layered leather not to be worth it, I sold my rugged. I got about 1200 rugged and sold it for .99. I net around 1100 after aged tannin, fees, and taxes. ~1320 per hour.

I haven’t tested mining, but I believe it would be even worse.

2 weeks ago, I used to be able to sell coarse leather for over 1g a piece, and everything was more expensive to profit from. Scarhide and Smolderhide used to be 80g a piece, now it is down to low 20s into the 10s. Everyone is hurting. I get it comes with everyone hitting 60 and doing the same thing, but 1-2k per hour is not viable income worth the time. We used to be able to make 4-5k per hour doing mat runs or gathering. Why should I grind 10 hours just to make 10k?

This is most likely why gold sellers are thriving even more right now. People don’t want spend their whole time playing making pennies. So they spend the $50 in gold, and enjoy the game.

We need more gold making methods for players. This is going to cause huge burnout for a lot of people, especially average players who play 2-3 hours a day.


Thats actually not that bad, after a few hours, you can get some bag upgrades which will let you carry more to sell more. Only increasing your coin-per-hour gains.

Keep going, you’re still in the early phases of making money.

This isn’t meant to be a sprint (like WoW), this is meant to take some time. Spent some more time getting there.


2 weeks ago, heck even a week ago, doing simple mat runs or gathering runs, it could net you 4-5k per hour. It was enjoyable.

1k per hour is painful. I get it isn’t supposed to be a speed run game, but with how broke the economy has been, it is causing a lot of players to run broke. Unless they grind for that 1k per hour…

I am that average player.

The economy on my server seems healthy and I feel like I can make gold. I expected a worse situation after the trading merge, but thus far that has not been the case.

I’ve started purchasing materials off the market to take the edge off gathering and the majority of my buy orders are filled within a day. I have just enough gold for my third house and feel no pressure from house taxation.

Much of my income comes from “by-products”. For example, at my wood farming spot there are lots of nuts, so I gather those and the strawberries on the route in. Along with hyssop, I’ve easily been able to pay for my crafting grinding over the last few days.

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The repair parts are also ridiculous, I end up storing my armour and running through Myrkgard and Mines naked… At least stop damage to an item when in your inventory (bags)…

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And then what? After 100 hours, you’re gold capped. That’s not really a healthy economy either.


100 hours cutting trees is a lot of time. The game can’t be centered around the die hard 40 hours + per week players


I have 3,000 hours just in Civilization V. 871 in Fallout 4. 816 in Oblivion. 350 in Skyrim. 567 in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. 100 hours is nothing, it’s how much time I spend in games that suck.

I spent 100 hours on alts just deciding which server to settle on. It takes 400 hours to get to level 60 in this game if you don’t grind.

How much you spend each week doesn’t much matter, that just determines how many weeks it takes to accumulate the necessary hours for any particular accomplishment. The necessary hours don’t change no matter how casual or not you are, only the number of weeks it takes to get them.

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Ofc dude, you need to INVEST in your charter to make more gold, you want everything for free? Economy doesnt work that way.

Relate it to the game itself though. On average, it takes about 160 hours to reach level 60. Reaching gold cap, would only take roughly about 2/3rd of that time in that case. Which is for obvious reasons just weird, in any MMO context, where reaching gold cap is usually expected to be a monstrous undertaking.

So why should this suddenly be any different in New World? It makes no sense.

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If you grind hard. I just played steady on and got a lot of levels from crafting as well as main and side questing and it took 400.

How much gold should you get for spending 100 hours cutting trees? this is the context of the quote.

I have no opinion on that. No idea, really.

Hard grinders get there faster to be fair, I know plenty who took just over 100 hours and some not even that. The 160 is just pretty much the average figure which it appears to be.

Myself I didn’t make that either. I’m also much more of an all-round player, spent a lot of time gathering and crafting, side quests, etc.

NW has a player driven economy. The price that something changes the owner is what the product is worth.

That you net less gold is that your work is not woth to others as much as you’d like it to be.

This is nobodies fault. This is economy 101.

You have now 3 choices:

Accept the market price
Don’t accept the market price and not make gold at the rate you’d like to
Change to harvesting/refining another product that is worth your time translated in gold at the AH

In real world such problems of local industries lead to toll barriers. This ain’t gonna happen in NW.


As expected, linked trading post wrecked the economy even more. Who is surprised?

Omg, you literally have no life then. Did you try to make some friends, or get job?

I’m retired. I have dozens of retired friends, as well as my wife, children, and grandchildren.

Now that I’m retired, I get to play games as much as I’ve always wanted. And laugh at snot-nosed children who presume to tell me how to live.


Gotta pump those Skyrim numbers up, those are rookie numbers

Economy is broken after patch, all ores at 0.01 on my server. It’s a clusterfvck of shit.