Status of the 11/8 Weekly Patch + Public Test Realm Announcement

Greetings Adventurers,

This Wednesday, November 10th, we are releasing the Public Test Realm as the team continues to hammer down on fixes. If these fixes pass validation, we will have a patch this week. We will have news on a potential update by 2021-11-10T20:00:00Z (your local timezone) but our current focus is the Public Test Realm which serves to support our next big update. If we make a patch this week, you’ll find an announcement in the Official News section of our forums. Otherwise, stay tuned for our next update!

Please check out this article for more information on the Public Test Realm and make sure to hop over to the Public Test Realm section of our Forums if you intend on helping us test!

See you in Aeternum!


Hey everyone!

We are currently working to get the PTR available for download. We appreciate your patience as we hustle to make this happen and we will update you with more information when we have it.

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your understanding!


As an update, we are still preparing the PTR servers; however, the PTR application is available to download via Steam! You may need to log out and log back in for it to appear.

We will be sure to let you know when the PTR servers are available!

In regards to the weekly update, we are still working on the final details and will update you as soon as we have more information.


Hey everyone,

The team is currently experiencing some technical issues with getting the PTR live. We are going to be keeping you updated as we work through this process.

Stay tuned to this thread for more information when we have it!



Hey everyone!

The team has just notified us that the PTR client is now fully available for download and participation.

If you find your way onto the PTR, please take a moment and leave us some feedback on the threads found in the PTR section of the forums.

Good luck out there in Aeternum!


Hello friends,

As you probably know, our PTR was made available in US East and EU Central earlier today. What you maybe don’t know is that we have opened up two additional test worlds, including one in US West and one in SA East just a moment ago.

Help us test our huge-normous update, and make sure to post your feedback and test notes in the forums. Remember that you can make multiple characters, so try a different backstory every day!

Thanks all,
Kay :vulcan_salute: