Status of the 11/8 Weekly Patch

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to provide a brief status update for our weekly patch. At this time, we have decided to hold our publish this week in favor of incorporating the intended changes into our next release. Doing so will allow our team additional testing and polish time of a bigger update we are preparing to deploy next week. If you would like a glimpse into some of the new changes we have in store, please check out the New World Public Test Realm and send us your feedback! Additional information about the New World PTR can be found here.

Have a great rest of your week and see you in Aeternum!


Hi explorers!
We are aware of an issue where some players are stuck in an immobilized state and that this bug has hugely affected your ability to play New World. We’re working on a fix and are confident it’ll be ready next week. Once this update has been released, your character will be in the death screen and you’ll be able to respawn like normal. We know you’re excited to get back into Aeternum and appreciate your patience while we address this.