Stealing skins from other player's kills is toxic, not competition

This morning I was skinning in peace in a remote spot not many know about. All of a sudden another players DM’s me and says: “leave this place, all these wolves are mine”. I blocked him and continued my skinning session when this pathetic creature start chasing me around and stealing my skins every single time. Being a bow user, with the delay after each shot, it’s impossible for me to compete with this toxic behaviour.
I just teleport home and quit the game. It’s a mood killer that some players would go to such extent to ruin other people’s experience of the game.
Why is this form of harrasment still in the game?
Is this what New World has to offer? Bullying and harrasment on a daily basis?

Nothing from this experience is competitive. The same experience is happening when players are luring mobs to interrupt you while harvesting ore/splants.


If they do it once, just ignore them.
If they follow you around and steal all your skins, that’s griefing and you should report them. You can do that by using this page and with video proof
This is quoted from Amazon’s Code of Conduct: " Do not : engage in behaviors that reduce or disrupt the enjoyment of the game for others. This includes spamming chat, griefing, throwing matches, boosting, win-trading, trolling…"
I’m sorry, it happened to me aswell and I know how much it sucks.

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I reported a guy right at the beginning of the game for skinning the bear in the cave, when skinning it was the requisite of the quest. Every time I killed it, he would be standing underneath it to skin it, over and over again. I left and came back later as I realise that children generally get fed up when people don’t play along with their toxic behaviour. Another person arrived just as I was leaving, so I warned them, but they took no notice and he continued doing it to them.

AGS of course did nothing. As I’ve said many a time, this is just a social experiment on Amazon’s part, and they are just proving that humans these days are generally pretty vile to each other.

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Just to play devils advocate because it has to be done because its so obvious and no one is talking about it.

Didn’t you start by ruining his fun? You came to his as you said remote spot not many know about. He was there first. Obviously no pvp was happening. What do you want him to do, just let you have them? That would actively harm his enjoyment and profits. Way to ruin his fun and his profits?

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No one has a right to an area just because they were there first or they found somewhere lesser known nor does it state that you must wait for a player to finish their farm before you can proceed.

It does however state you should not grief a player which is what this guy was doing to the OP, The fact he sent a DM stating it was “his area” proves this guy thinks he owns to the spot.

The fact AGS enabled FFA skinning (which can be fixed by adding a timer that binds the kill to the player first which will still leave it FFA if the player decides not to skin) and combine that with the current generation of people who think they are entitled you end up with this obvious outcome.

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That’s why I like running around with PvP on. You take out the trash and have it your way. The issue are pve trolls.

Its a player ran eco video game.

If I’m farming an area at that time, its my area, I won’t message you, but I sure as fuck will turn chat off and do exactly what buddy did until you leave. It would be irresponsible of me not to, why should I waste my time farming half efficiency when I could do it full efficiency. You are griefing me I grief you.

Like you said yourself, amazon put it in the fucking game.

Stop being carebears and understand that people on a video game don’t play fair, just like people in real life. If its against tos, I guess I’ll take my fucking chances, just like this dude did.

I tried talking civil and rationally but just like I thought it boils down to, BUT MY FEELINGS WAH. Its a game, I hope he trolls you so hard you uninstall, get the fuck out of his farming area.

TL:DR Its a fucking game grow up, he doesn’t have to share, we aren’t 3 years old your mommy isn’t going to make him share. Report him if its against tos (doubt it been doing this since day 1) and move the fuck along crybabbies. Sad that real life has coddled people so hard they feel entitled to virtual items.

This is just a feedback post. It would be better if they prevent skin stealing. Some people just want to have some fun after work without having to put up with toxic behaviour.

Reading your post it almost feels like you’re crying. Try not to get so emotional when you read random feedback posts in the future. People will always have an opinion.

The projecting is so strong in this post its unbelievable.

Look I get that as a casual its annoying to have a no lifer against you, because you don’t have the time to be able to win, and thats annoying. Luckily, it means they are unemployed. Take that victory? I dunno.

Again its a game, your solution for the dude there is “suck it up im here now” so “suck it up he’s there now”

sorry but i cannot really see the problem here, you both had pvp on right ?

nobody has the right for an area but likewise you shouldnt expect never to be killed on an inconvenient moment when pvp is enabled.

disable pvp, ignore him and thats it.

I had PvP disabled.

in that case i would consider it a douche bag move from him.

either you kill your own prey, or you prey upon the prey of prey and upon win you get it all but to just sneak past to steal a kill…

So many New World systems literally enable and encourage griefing.
Even how mobs aggro on other players instead of you when you are the first one to hit them is ridiculous.
Losing all your kills to someone else because you are a ranged user is also ridiculous.

But how many times are you willing to do that? Especially if they start following you?

This sort of behavior and “solution” is why more and more people want solo content. Increasingly they don’t want to associate with the community at large because more and more often you run into these “douche bags”.

well there are simple ways to punish such people, for starters the company blacklists them and through diplomacy connections they end up on mutual lists of what to kick from war & invasion along with who not to invite to company.

the short term counter to this type of douche or karen would be to teleport to an inn or home and simply progress in another area or do something else.

the cherry on top you can report the player although that wont result in much at first unless they do this multiple times to diff people throughout the day/week. :slight_smile:

karma will eventually return to hit them

Reading this thread I see many people are incapable of actual comprehension, or the bots and gold sellers are attacking you.

Never reply to anyone that types like that. Simply screenshot, record, then report. Keep farming or adventuring in the area as you wish. Have a melee weapon so you can skin your kills immediately. They wont get all, and the time they spend harassing you is time they cant do anything, a win win for you.

It is best to not reply as I stated when these bottom feeders try to escalate via the chat window. Have a recorder ready as voice violations are also against the TOS.

I have had these types of people try this, they may win in some minor way initially with the harassment but the report will eventually be handled and they get a vacation, sometimes permanent.

These type of people are the garbage that makes these games lose customers, and sadly, until AGS deems the player loss excessive, it will continue.

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