Steam account isnt linking to amazon

Every time I click link steam to amazon, I log in and the page refreshes and continues to ask to be logged in again.

Can’t even access live support because they require a steam account to be link…


Just wanted to add that the same is happening here; stuck in an infinite loop, while it worked initially couple days ago.


Same here. Have you already launched New World via your steam library at least once?


Same here, literally unable to go into live chat because it won’t let me link, not even in incognito or anything

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Yeah i have

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Jumping on the bandwagon - I cannot link my accounts either.

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Same here

same here, cant link the accounts

I think you can still earn twitch drop progress without linking, then once you link you will be rewarded.

after you linked did you go back into Prime gaming and click on claim ? It looked like it didn’t link for me but read what to do and when i went back to Prime gaming it had shown it was linked

So I just went back one page before the Linking page, and found out that my accounts were successfully linked, even though the linking page never indicated I was successful and just asked me to do it over and over again.

Good Luck all!

Same here, can’t link accounts ;-; and my Prime reward seems to be claimed somehow, I’ll have to wait in queue to find out if i have items or not.

WOW glad it isn’t just me…

Same… My steam was linked yesterday… trying to claim the twitch drops. but today still no drops in inventory, and now my steam account shows unlinked but twitch is. Just want my cool armor set from the beta and cool weapons skins D;

Same here. Interestingly enough the form works so the issue might be limited to being able to contact support about issues.

Just making sure their isn’t any ques in live support like in the servers? hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

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Right… Im sure live contact support phones are ringing like crazy trying to figure out the bug/twitch drop issues

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Same issue here also. I hope it get’s fixed soon :slight_smile:

Same thing.


I also have this issue.