Steam account isnt linking to amazon

I’m on help with Live chat about this , they have consulted with their team and apparently are unable to help and its clearly steams fault … and to contact them about their API

Same here on top of the twitch drops my deluxe edition not showing?

I too am also having this problem

That should not be our problem we literally only customers between these two companies! I hope they really didn’t tell ‘the customer’ to fix their problem?

If your accounts linked in twitch windows app you receive drop. I checked and they come. But on site still not linked.

There is no way to get in touch with steam about this issue i have just checked. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I raised a ticket with steam, but I assume their response will be not our problem. The live chat rep has raised a ticket with Devs and will follow up too. (I hope)

I agree and if was just me with issue I’d understand but seems to be a number of folks. I did link the rep to this post so hopefully they can see.

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Samee isue, and have a need for support

so did anyone get it to work ? i also have the same issue

Still having the same issues. I don’t think they have yet?

Hey everyone,

This is currently a known issue that we are working with Steam to investigate and resolve. We are just as frustrated as you are with the whole situation. Please hang tight while we get the problem worked out.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Same issue


Core issue is Amazon and Steam aren’t linking. Trying to open a ticket through the New World Amazon gaming site won’t let you. The requirement for a chat window is having your Steam and Amazon accounts linked… So I had to navigate through the Twitch support on your Amazon gaming site to open a chat window.

But it ended up being the same loop of troubleshooting that I performed on my own. Just 3 hours longer. I sat in the Amazon Gaming Chat with a Cindy for almost 3 hours. Your team needs a better way to get customers support tickets for tracking. 2 hours into the chat I started asking for a ticket number so I could move on while your teams investigated further. The ticket id was given to me almost a hour later. You can DM me for case ID.

I have the same issue here. My account got banned for abusive behaviour and I cannot appeal it because first, you need to link your steam account with amazon.

Same exact issue…

Same here!!

Same issue here

same issue here