Steam Family Share Disabled and no refund for skins bought in-game store

I just contacted the technical support and kindly the technician explained to me that in addition to the damage of not being able to use my toons anymore (over 130 hours of play) AGS does not want to refund the items purchased with real money into in-game store.

The last post from the community managers is November 4, 2021. ([Notice] Family Sharing Update)
No communication since then. They made a choice that I do not agree with, but that I have to accept in spite of myself. And in addition to taking away the ability to play legitimate players (the Steam feature is legitimate and was accepted by AGS at the time of my purchase of the game), they also have no intention of compensating for the purchases made.

This is the worst way to handle it. Removing a feature for a customer and blocking them from using that account and also not wanting to refund the amount spent on that account.

I’m speechless. I would be interested to know how many players like me are in this situation and to understand if it is possible to open a legal dispute / class action.

If you are not interested in this thread, you can also dispense with commenting. Trolls, haters, and anyone who just wants to stir up a futile war can read other threads.

PS: sorry for my poor english. :smiley:


They have not taken away your ability to play the game, they removed the faulty STEAM feature Family Share, which allows you to play for free off another paid account.

My understanding is that they are not blocking you from playing the account, they are blocking you from continuing to play the account for free from another account that has the purchased game on it. From what others have said, purchasing a copy of the game and installing it on the account you were playing on with Family Share will allow you to play the game on that account again.

There are many games (Rust, Fallguys, Conan Exiles) that have disabled this faulty STEAM feature ‘years’ in where players had thousands of hours on characters and most companies have terms of use stipulations that they can change/remove/disable/discontinue anything at any time.

I am very interested in this thread as it has a direct bearing on the game I purchased and paid for, New World. This faulty STEAM feature has ruined many games and I fully support Amazon Games disabling it now for the good of their entire player base.

You have the option of continuing playing this game just like anyone else, it just involves actually buying the game like most of us already have done.


I reply to you to reply to all the others who will intervene by writing a situation they do not know.

  1. The STEAM function is not FAULTY. It is how it was handled by AGS that is wrong.

  2. My account is effectively blocked. I have already purchased a license that has never been used on the account where I bought it but only on my secondary account. To use my account I would have to buy a new license, but there is no certainty that it will work again (as already reported by others)

  3. What other games do is not my problem and I don’t care. When I purchased the game, it was possible to use this feature. If the contract is changed later, the customer must be informed and the supplier must try to find a solution.

  4. Your interest in this thread is unwarranted for the following reasons:

  • here none are asking to reactivate the Family Share function
  • you have not used this function and therefore have not suffered any damage
  • you do not know the situation of those who legitimately used it

As written before, this is a thread to find out how many people have had the same problem as me and have experienced this abuse by AGS without being notified.

Since I don’t want this thread to close like the other one, opened by another player who like me has had this discomfort, and since I don’t want to convince you of anything because I’m not interested in talking to someone who hasn’t had this problem, this it will be my last answer to those who do not know the situation.



Regardless of time played or level, you will still have your trading disabled for 72h (or even more, i can’t confirm since its been 60 hours since i had to buy a copy). Very cool.

That fella spends a lot of time on every family share thread, despite not even have ever used it. Just arguing for the sake of arguing.

I know quite a few, and not all of them decided to buy the game. It was just another reason to quit playing.


This is kind of your own fault. Why buy it on one account only to use it on another. Why didn’t you just gift it to the account you wanted to use it on? Or just buy it on that account in the first place. This isn’t AGS’s fault, this is your own, you made this choice.


@Mesoz @smokes
I don’t need your opinion on what is right or wrong for you. This is not the right thread. I have already answered at the beginning on what is the reason for this discussion.


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The Family Share STEAM feature IS faulty to the point that many other games have had to disable this, even years later when they realized they could not control the way exploiters/cheaters use. it

The account you purchased and installed the game on is not blocked, only other accounts that are using the STEAM Family Share feature. Others have reported being able to play their characters on the Family Share account once they purchased the game and installed it on that account. I would check with Amazon Games to see if this is possible instead of relying on the forum for answers.

If you want to continue playing the game, I suggest you simply switch over to the account you state you purchased and installed the game on. Either that, or wait until Amazon confirms whether they can transfer your character over to the other account.

The point in me mentioning that other games have had to disable this game years in after trying and failing to mitigate the damage this faulty feature brings with exploiting, is that is is a problem period.

While it would be nice if Amazon Games works on a solution to allow those on a Family Share to continue playing if they purchase and install the game on that account or works on a solution to help transfer progress to an already paid game account, they owe you nothing, their terms of use state as much.

You cannot tell me where my interest is unwarranted nor do you have any idea if I have used the Family Share function in this or other games. lol

I have a very vested interest in this topic as I actually PAID for the game and have hundreds of hours invested in it. I care about the game, want it to succeed and would like to continue playing it and this STEAM feature has a direct bearing on the continuation of exploiting and needs to remain disabled to help stabilize a fair playing field for everyone.

I find it interesting with the players that come to a public forum and want to voice their opinion and scream foul when anyone that disagrees with them dare voice their opposing opinion.


Buy an account to play…

Buy another account to play another account…

Get the second copy and not paying for it and then crying about losing stuff when they notice and take it away.


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My English will be poor, I admit. But at least make an effort to read, otherwise it’s just time you’re wasting.
I took the liberty of answering you even though I wrote that I would not, because I understand that you have trouble understanding what I have written before.

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But what problem do you have with understanding the text?

Every time I promise not to respond to trolls on the forums and people who do not know the situation. And every time I am wrong, because I think people are in good faith and want to have a conversation. But apparently people don’t read.

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As people said you still have access on the account you bought It on. Again, this is your own fault, not AGS. No MMORPG on steam allows family share. This should of been common sense that this wasn’t intended, which seems to be something you lack.


No words…

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When you bought the game and signed the TOS you agreed that they can add or remove features or systems without your consent. Thats why its a moot “discussion”.

You dont own anything in the game, you pay for the right to use it until/when/if/or/and/oatmeal they decide to keep/remove/disintegrate/send to another dimension it.


I’ve long suspected it was only a matter of time before a group of players band together and file a class action lawsuit against AGS.

The argument that publishers can do whatever they want according to their TOS has not been tested in court in the way that people are arguing it. That’s been used to justify patches to a game but not when the devs systematically remove fundamental parts of a game. It will be worse for AGS if they then start selling things that ameliorate the changes they’ve made.


As you can read I didn’t say they can’t. I said I accept it (it’s part of the Amazon Games Terms of Use Help: Amazon Games Terms of Use).

I said that I find it unfair this action from a supplier to their customers. The reason for this thread is not UNDERSTAND if it is right or wrong. It is knowing how many like me have had the problem.

But apparently, here write only those that it didn’t happen to them.

And while they can play (not like me), they come to be judges and say if something is right or wrong for them, in a discussion that has nothing to do with the subject.


I read everything you wrote including you claiming ‘damages’ and mentioning multiple times that you disagree with Amazon removing the STEAM feature after it was active at launch and ‘blocking’ people from accessing Family Share accounts.

If you would have started a thread and only commented that you wanted a refund on the skins you purchased, we would not be having this discussion.

Instead, you jumped in stating you do not agree with Amazon’s choice in disabling this STEAM feature and asking for other like you to come forth and in the same sentence, talk about opening a legal dispute/class action suit?

Had you simply started a thread about purchasing skins on a Family Share account and wanting a refund and not turned it into a discussion that Family Share should not have been a removed feature, I would not have been posting my opposing opinion that disabling Family Share was definitely a good move, why it was a good move and that it should remain disabled.

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Family share was causing just a huge botting issue. i rather them disable it then someone who plays for free elsewhere. just go buy another copy for your other person.

Family Share was not a ‘fundamental part of the game’, it is a STEAM feature.

It has been tested in court quite a few times with various games, I suggest some Google searches.


Good luck. The ToS claims they can change the game however they want and don’t have to refund you.
Imagine if MMO devs could be sued every time they update their game & someone hates it. Rofl. Delusional.

‘Imma sue ANet because they nerfed Engineer and I put 2 years into my Engineer! They removed fundamental aspects of the class I liked when I bought the game! WHERE’S MAH LAWYER!?’

I am not referring to family share and I work in this area of law so I’m well aware of current case law in this regard.

TOS have not been tested in the way that you, and others, are arguing that it be interpreted.