Steam Family Share Disabled and no refund for skins bought in-game store

i don’t think is possible since the account isn’t linked, and btw this always came with the requirement of buy a 2nd copy of the same game for play alone

i tried to ask for refund (with 3 minutes of game play)

but got as an answer “no refund since u played more than 2 hrs (including family share)”

You are right.

That’s what I thought too. Having linked an amazon account, I thought that my toons could be used with that account. But from what they told me at technical support, “for now” there is not this type of connection.

But you’re using the same steam account. Sure, you’re sharing, but you’re not using the family sharing feature.

I think they said they had an additional key. That they would potentially use if they were assured they could have their characters & paid items on/transferred to. A key I am assuming hasn’t been used only paid for. which would be used on the original account not the family share?

Sorry if this question had been answered already.

Why would you buy a game to your steam account if you’ll play it on another steam account?

But yeah it’s AGS fault that they enabled this from the start. They should refund your in-game store bought items if you choose to quit the game instead.

my personal case

but i think all can have different reason for do something
is like u buy a black car but after they say “no black cars are allowed” and remove all the car body from ur car

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But if you were both going to play it, wouldn’t it still make sense to install it on your main account like normal and just allow the child to use it via Family Share on the account you created for them?

So the child did not play the game when it launched but you played it on your main account via Family Share? Perhaps Steam can transfer the game to your account since it was never used on the other account? Have you reached out to Steam and explained that the game was never used on the other account and Family Share has been disabled so you would like to transfer the game to your main account?

I have no idea what you are referring to or asking for help on here to help you with your pad problem so I cannot reply on this.

There is no contract all you pay for is access to the game when you buy it, if you are family sharing you did not buy the game on that account and its up to the company with what they do with certain features of the game, family sharing was not a good idea to have anyway.

Lucky you then, if you do not want to play on your son’s account anymore, you can buy the game again and still have your progress.

I’m not toxic nor trying to be harmful, but the situation you put you in is dodgy. Can you agree with me?

I visit the forum and try to help people while I can’t play as I love the game even with all the issues it came with.

I will even be willing to gift you the game if you PM me to fix your issue. Although you would need to repurchase cash shop items as you purchased them on your son’s account, so they aren’t transferable nor refundable.

Steam claims that any issues with accessing the game are AGS’s.

Blocking the Family Share feature isn’t something Steam can handle, just the manufacturer (and so back to AGS).

Steam claims it can’t move a game from one account to another even if it’s mine. And since more than 2 hours of use have passed, I can’t ask for a refund.

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The 2 Steam accounts are both mine and both in my name, with my same credit card inside.

Why, for heaven’s sake, should I buy a game twice? If one day my son wants to play NW with me, I will buy the game on the other account. But why should I buy it now, when I have already bought it?

I purchased the skins on my account and not on the secondary one. Also because if they were already in the secondary one I would not ask for a refund and I would not have the problem of redoing my toon from scratch.


people like you deserve free copy of the game


Okay, a good thing i’m not working for AGS because, I would just refund both the game and your cash shop purchase and perm ban you from playing the game via both those steam account as your are being unreasonable.

I’m out from that thread good luck with your “son/mule/botting” account.

what is unreasonable? want to play?

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So the game has been used on both accounts? It sounded as if you purchased and installed the game on one account and it was only used on the other.

I guess at this point, until Amazon Games is able to assist, your only choice would be playing the game on the account you installed the game on, purchase the game for the Family Share account to continue progress on the same character, or wait until Amazon Games either comes up with a way to transfer progress from one account to the other or until they reenable the exploit riddled Steam Family Share feature, neither of which may ever happen.

If you like the game, I would suggest that you just start playing on the account you installed the game on and then when/if Amazon Games comes up with a solution for the Family Share account, you are at least enjoying the game while waiting?

restart from 0 isn’t enjoy the game…


If they offered to wipe the game while they fix the bugs/exploits and rid the game of all the duped items/gold and exploited settlements, I would restart from scratch in a heartbeat and I would definitely be enjoying the game.

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You don’t restart from 0; if you buy the game, you keep your progress.

If you have multiple alt/mule tough, you will need to buy the game for all your alter egos.

No playing from zero isn’t fun and Amazon tech have already said you risk losing your high level character forever if you start again on your master account


that will affect all not only u, is different, u will restart at the same time of the others

u will if u have to make a new char

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