Steam Family Share Disabled and no refund for skins bought in-game store

Where did you read that I want AGS to restore family sharing? Where did you read that the possible class action is to restore this functionality?

I talked about taking collective action with those who are unable to use my game account with all the cartoons, in-game store skins, and hours spent.


Abuse :laughing:

Neither was I. I was referring to the exact statement I quoted. lol

Oh really? Seems odd you work in this area of law and make the statement “The argument that publishers can do whatever they want according to their TOS has not been tested in court in the way that people are arguing it.”



The problem WAS Steam Family Share!! :smiley:

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Yes, you were. You stated the family sharing was not a fundamental part of the game and that it was a feature of steam in rebuttal of my comment that I’ve been curious how long it would take for end-users to become frustrated enough with carving out fundamental features of the game to file a class-action lawsuit.

I was not referring to family sharing. You were referring to family sharing in a non-sequitur.

Whether you find it “odd” or not is irrelevant to my statement that is both factual and accurate.


Its a current one, its a popular spot. you can stop coping now.


seems like a exact copy of a 4day image,

I never said you stated this. Go back and read my comments again.

I did not state that your suggestion of legal action was to restore the Family Share feature. lol In fact, I never mentioned a reason for the suggestion of legal action, only that you brought it up. if I had to ‘guess’, I would guess that you want to take legal action because you feel you suffered ;damages’ by Amazon Games disabling the STEAM Family Share feature.

The comment I referenced was here:

Get a life dude, AGS won’t hire you or make a mod of you.

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This is botting yes. they still pay 40$ per copy. report them and they will likely start quitting since they wont produce that much in time per bot. as well players will attempt auto scripts which can still be reported the same way.

family sharing allowed them to swarm in massive droves because they had to no longer pay for copies besides reaching the cap of family share.

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you can find high level bots on many places, and the exp per skill level is quite low. It means that they are doing this for very long, without getting banned at all. Reporting is useless.

Oh and them buying a new copy simply gives more money to AGS, it doesn’t make the game any better :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
But hey at least legit users can…soon…access their accounts, maybe.

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For a legal person, you seem confused. If you look back on my comment, it is directly under your entire post.

My comment that Family Share is not a fundamental part of the New World game has nothing to do with court, it is correcting your inaccurate statement 'but not when the devs systematically remove fundamental parts of a game". I am merely pointing out that Family Share is NOT a fundamental part of the game but a STEAM feature IF you are referencing the removal of Family Share which it appears you are.

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Thats because they use more complicated scripts to track vs your average fishing bot. trust in reporting and they will eventually get banned. my server had loads of 30’s to 40’s bots and we got them all out from reporting. however my world is a main world Pluto

So in a couple sentences, could you state what exactly you want from Amazon Games?

You can access your other account where you purchased and installed the game - correct?

Is it that you want Amazon Games to transfer your Family Share character and all progress to your other account with the installed game? Would this suffice as a solution for you?

I’m not referencing the removal of family share, which I’ve stated to you twice before. This is the third, and last, time.

Regarding the OP’s question of the viability of a class-action suit: TOS are in threat of being invalidated when they use “browse wrap” agreements (as AGS did before they changed it recently to a “click-through”) and utilize language that allows them to unilaterally alter the contractual relationship. These are fundamental principles of contract law so I won’t belabor the point with laypersons and/or trolls who have nothing better to do than be contrarians. Don’t have to believe me, though, here’s an article describing how Zappos (another subsidiary of AMZN) found this out the hard way.

As per the posts above, the person who always mentioned the will not to want Steam Family Share, it was always you. I’ve never said that. I just asked to know how many players, like me, were unable to use their account following this change by AGS.

Among other things, my lawyer stated, after a first reading of the TOS point 5.7, it would not be possible to institute a class action, but that it would be possible, for European players, to open legal action for the inability to take advantage of a service that was subsequently modified following the acceptance of the clauses.

I am not a lawyer and do not know the subject, so I refrain from commenting. I repeat the motivation that prompted me to open this thread: to know how many are in the same situation as me.

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