Steam Family Share Disabled and no refund for skins bought in-game store

As we have seen from other games with Family Share, bots and exploiters are less likely to return if they have to pay for the game on each return whereas with Family Share, the return is free each time and infinite.

There are also issues in place with how Amazon Games and Steam interact and the way Amazon Games handles bans. I do not think even a VAC ban is possible due to Valve not being involved so this already faulty STEAM feature, is even more easy to abuse with the way it is set up with Amazon Games.

I’m sure TOS doesn’t protect everyone from lawsuits and im not a lawyer. but I bet just maybe that has a wider issue vs amazon and steams family sharing service tos. vs billing, personal information and identity. I can’t see how someone is able to really sue Steam nor Amazon for it when Steam has already done so on multiple games.

This is what I asked technical support and they told me it is not possible.

My best advice is to stop responding to that person since they clearly have a vested interest in arguing your points into the ground without any regard for the truth.

They are factually wrong about the Steam family sharing API, how VAC bans are handled, and whether TOS allows publishers to do whatever they want with a software title after launch. In fact, they decided to argue with a bona fide lawyer about the law, with the sum total of their references being “just google it” but, (un)surprisingly when one does google it they’ll find the lawyer was correct…

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For someone with a legal mind, it surprises me that you didn’t think of replying to the post you were directing your comments to…

I know what you have said, it just does not match your statements.

It just seems odd you appear to support the idea of it being a matter of time before players banD together (as if it is a possibility with the situation you jumped into comment on) and then go on to stipulate a specific opportunity for this ( devs systematically remove fundamental parts of a game) and further support this by stating it will be worse if AGS " starts selling things that ameliorate the changes they’ve made."

Maybe next time, just reference who your post is directed to by hitting ‘reply’ on that post or quoting?

This is probably more of something you would need to talk with steam support about then AGS. AGS probably can not transfer the license of a game over. And honestly, steam may not be able to as well. And I can understand why steam would never allow this tbh.

It may not be possible now but Amazon Games has already stated they are working with Family Share players on future steps and this very well could be one of them.

It is also possible that Family Share could be reinstated again. I would seriously hope that Amazon Games would work on ways to prevent the misuse of this feature before enabling it again and this might take a lot of time as some games could not do it even when working on it for years.

If you have requested that Amazon Games move your New World progress from Family Share to your main account and they have indicated they cannot do this, have you also asked if Steam can move your New World game over to the other account with the progress? If you are not using the game on one account and simply want to move it to the account you have the progress on, I would see if Steam can assist

Let me get this right, you’ve got money to buy cosmetic skins in a game, but buying the game itself is too much of a burden? And you’re saying they won’t let you use the characters you’ve created on an account that was using family share if you go ahead and buy a license for the game on that account?

And you’re calling other people trolls? Who’s the troll here?

A generic false statement with no details, feel free to share how I am ‘wrong’ on something I have stated.

Another generic false statement, feel free to share how I am wrong. New World uses their own version of EasyAnti Cheat rather than relying on Steam’s Valve Anti Cheat programs where VAC bans are issued. According to conversations with both Steam and New World support, new World handles their own bans and reinstatement of bans through Amazon Game Support.

Another false statement as publishers/developers cannot do whatever they want but they CAN enforce the Terms of USE of their product.

And I am an astronaut physicist. If you were an attorney, you would not be making the statements you have made and you would not be doing a quick Google search on a shoe company discussing browsewrap vs clickthough agreements as a source of reference for your stance on the potential of legal action over Amazon Games disabling a STEAM feature. Go ahead and twist into whatever your thought of where legal action might be successful in this thread, refusal of refund for skins? lol

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Because no one rational buy a game and then use another account to play the said game.

Option 1:

Your group of friends bought one copy and you are sharing between each other that’s also against the terms of service anyway.

Option 2:

You had an alt used as Mule, Exploits, Botting or something similar and lost that access so you can’t move stuff to your main anymore.

Option 3:

You used the game account as a mule and started a new toon that has become your main with family share so you lost that account.

Option 4:

A mix of everything, you used family share to create multiple toon and funnelled gold to one toon.

Option 5:

You bought the game and for an unknown reason you decided to use family share function to play the game you bought. I cannot find any rational reason to do that but you did so I assume you haven’t played on that account at all, have you tried to login to your real account to see if your toons are there? If not we’re back to option 1-4

That’s being said the amount of absurd abuse family share has caused to the game is somehow terrifying and you did not lose anything as you said you still have the game you bought and all item from cash shop.

The only thing you did lost was your mule account.


Im sorry op but you make zero sense. Why buy it on an account then play on another? Spend money on skins on said account? Just buy the game on the account you want to play on, your character will be waiting.

But then again you are acting like a child in this thread, you post on a public forum then tell people who don’t agree with you that their opinion is not welcomed. Sorry but that’s not how this works.

But is it so tiring to read?

I wrote it in the initial post. I have 2 Steam accounts in my name. I bought the game on one and ONLY used it on the other. The reasons why I did this are not important to the end of the conversation, as it was allowed and legitimate (up to the change chosen by AGS). Now explain to me what your comment can bring to this discussion, if not your wanting to judge what is right or wrong without having the power to do so?

Are you all detectives or just people who have nothing to do?

I have 2 Steam accounts because I had one when I had no children and the other is the account I created for my children. When I buy a game I usually use it with my first account. When I bought NW in preorder I did it with the secondary account, because one of my children wanted to use it. But when it came out, my son didn’t care anymore and having never used it on his account, I played it with mine where I also had Steam friends.

Now that you know the precise situation, doesn’t it occur to you that maybe this what might not even interest you since, as I wrote in the first post, this discussion was about another topic?

But this community are really so toxic that you have to find evil in everything?

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That’s not in the OP.

I think the reasons are relevant because it is a strange thing to do. You’re telling me you bought the game on one account that is your account in your name only under the understanding that you would be able to use family share on this other account that is also in your name? Why not buy it on the account you intend to play on?

But if I read a thread where there is a discussion on how to put women’s pads and a girl asks how many women like her have had problems using them, can you explain to me why, as a man, I should intervene?

But do you really have nothing to do but respond to any discussion even if it doesn’t concern you? I wish I had your free time. I’m already tired of answering only those who have not had the problem … who knows what you want to answer to a discussion where you have not had the problem !! Some weird people.

This is why I say that people don’t read. You should have read only 2 posts below, I don’t mean 10 pages … I only say 2 posts !!

You have money to buy skins, you have money to buy the game.

they should remove ur game key too and ask u to rebuy it
u have money for skin u have money for rebuy the game

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I have the original copy. I’m not family sharing.

I wish they would give you a prize.

Thank you for your helpful contribution to this conversation that you haven’t even read about why it was opened. Thanks for telling me how to spend the money. At 44, I needed someone to tell me how to spend my money. Thank you, thank you very much.

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