Steam Family Share Disabled and no refund for skins bought in-game store

So the game has been used on both accounts? It sounded as if you purchased and installed the game on one account and it was only used on the other.

I guess at this point, until Amazon Games is able to assist, your only choice would be playing the game on the account you installed the game on, purchase the game for the Family Share account to continue progress on the same character, or wait until Amazon Games either comes up with a way to transfer progress from one account to the other or until they reenable the exploit riddled Steam Family Share feature, neither of which may ever happen.

If you like the game, I would suggest that you just start playing on the account you installed the game on and then when/if Amazon Games comes up with a solution for the Family Share account, you are at least enjoying the game while waiting?

restart from 0 isn’t enjoy the game…


If they offered to wipe the game while they fix the bugs/exploits and rid the game of all the duped items/gold and exploited settlements, I would restart from scratch in a heartbeat and I would definitely be enjoying the game.

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You don’t restart from 0; if you buy the game, you keep your progress.

If you have multiple alt/mule tough, you will need to buy the game for all your alter egos.

No playing from zero isn’t fun and Amazon tech have already said you risk losing your high level character forever if you start again on your master account


that will affect all not only u, is different, u will restart at the same time of the others

u will if u have to make a new char

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Can you provide that link please. It would be great to have that source in this thread.

That’s one I’m trying to find the redacted screenshot to protect the CS person that was posted but with so many family share threads running I’m struggling


I do not see any mention in that thread or any link within this thread that references someone playing on the account with the game installed possibly losing their high level character forever if they did this?

I would like to see the statement because if something even close to this was stated by an Amazon Gaming employee, it could hint to the fact that they might be working on character transfer but even this would not result in losing the progress from the Family Share, just possibly the new progress on the main account if you start a new character as you cannot have two characters on the same server on the same account.

since you have been using family share quite a bit, i have a question

I know that there can only be one person playing the game at a time, but can multiple people play multiple games of yours simultaneously?

i’m not 100% sure, i was family sharing NW and my brother at the same time RAFT, but maybe could have been possible for NW fail implementation, but i think the answer should be yes, since i opened other games (didn’t checked if my brother was playing at that time)

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Found one of the posts but these forums are terrible

Good to know, thanks!

Ended up buying a second license, my character was just fine. Only problem is that I got the 72 hour chat/trade restriction, but that should hopefully be gone tomorrow night.

Ok, so no actual link or response from a Dev, just someone saying they heard something?

It sounds like the person making the statement played for a bit on the account with the game and then played on the other account through family share once there was issue with queue? Not certain why there would be an issue transferring the character to the other account with the game if he/she continues to play on it other than he/she would need to delete the character on that account IF they wanted the other progress to carry over to the same server.

Glad you are able to continue your progress. I think the system views this as a new account as this is the first time New World has actually been installed on that account. I think Amazon may be working on a solution for this 72 hour restriction for those that purchase the game and install it on an account they previously had 72 hours or more on.

Yeah, not too worried about it. Waited the first day for Amazon to formulate a fix but I wanted to play. Now I have an extra account and the old char is primed to transfer across regions once they implement that.

Oh i had this problem i fixed it by buying the game on my other account.

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This. So much this. He has money to blow on cosmetics but suddenly his pockets are empty when it’s time to buy a license for the game itself??

If you had a locked account that was linked by family sharing if you buy the game again on that steam account does it unlock everything you already did?

I seriously don’t know why you guys defend this “TRIPLE A” Studio by suggesting it is STEAM’s fault for having AGS games to have a Family sharing feature.

No AGS didn’t turn off this feature as a competent game studio would normally do when it comes to MMORPGs. Where players took advantage of by creating new accounts from Family Sharing.

By the way, it is not a “faulty” Steam feature, it is for mostly single-player games that you don’t want to buy multiple times and want to share with your family or friends.

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