Steam Family Share Disabled and no refund for skins bought in-game store

AGS wanted to do something nice for family share people. Family share people abused this and botted, scammed, exploited. And now they are mad that they lost their privileges. AGS isn’t to blame. Family Share users are to blame.

LOL love this level of white-knighting.

It is bound to happen, what do you think the botters, exploiters, and rmt will do when they find out that they are letting people in for free. As long as someone paid the $50.

That is the problem of foresight, where AGS seems to lack off some obvious zero risk management.

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the funniest thing is that people still believe that the family share block prevent bot/cheater…
they will continue to bot with or without this… like in all games
never saw a game without bot/cheaters, the only way for prevent it is with a big moderation team that ban them as soon they pop, but that is almost impossible… if the bot/cheater was the problem they could have just banned the account using the steam ban, this would have banned the main account and prevented other shares… seems like the stuff the no-vax say, people get sick with the vax so better be without vax, people get killed with the seatbelt in the car, no seatbelt, people get killed with bike helmet, no helmet, etc etc etc

if you need to pay 50$ for a new account and with it u can make 100$ with a bot before get banned u have +50$ and can make a new account, repeat and u will still earn more than what u lose, until they can make more money than what they spent is always worth
maybe, and i say maybe, the number will decrease a little bit, but this will not change much, less bot = less gold = higher prices = same income
when they blocked the trading for the dupe the prices of the gold was around 1.6€/k now is around 2€/k
basically the price is increasing, but the people who sell is still there, so they don’t care about the family share

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Don’t know what they set the limit with their Family Sharing normally it is either 1 or 5. If it is unlimited then the big difference is what a $50 can do compared to $100 or the consecutive $50.

Right now on my server, there is no RMT/gold spam. I didn’t wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and add 5 or 6 to my friends’ list. Was that magic?

u don’t need a rmt/gold spam, google something like “new world gold price” and u find all… and surprise they are still there in all servers

Since Family Share is a Valve feature, Steam is aware that a game, despite having 0 hours of play on one account, has been played on another account.

So for Steam, despite having 0 hours on the account where I purchased the game, check that it has been used on an account combined with the Family Share and rightly does not make the refund.

You want a refund on 130 hours of gameplay on your other account, and they should give it to you because your other account has 0 hours of gameplay?..

I don’t want any refunds for the game. As I have already written, the discussion was born for something else.

Anyway you can just buy a key for the account you have 130 hours if you want to continue

A lot of bought accounts to maintain the servers!

Huh ? Wait what ?

Just buy the game if you, or some of your family members want to play.

If I new they would close the family share I would never started playing on my secondary account… And my guess is that there are a lot of players in same situation.
If they can transfer the progress to my secondary acc my problem would be solved.
And I will promise you this… When the family share discussion are over there will still be people botting in New World.


The weird thing here is that everyone has their own solution, which can be rated correct or incorrect, but whoever should actually give the promised solution ([Notice] Family Sharing Update) hasn’t said anything for over 5 days.


You had no money to buy the game but buyed skin ? just LOL. PWNED.

WOW I see you haven’t read anything that was written. Congratulations on your comment.

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same issue here
i bought the game on my main steam but started to play on my other steam account , i didn’t even notice i was playing on the other account , now i have a character with 400 + hrs into the game with in store purchases i can’t access , i bought the game when family sharing was activated and i get why you disabled family sharing you have good reasons but why am not able to access my character , why am being punched for no reasons with the cheaters , you could at least give us warning or tell us for how much time the family sharing will be disabled , i really want to get back into the game , i enjoyed the time within the community , and i would like to know if my character was deleted or not because i talked to some supports , some told me that it’s gone and other told me i can get it back if i purchased the game again
all am asking right now is to give us an update about the family sharing issue
so i can decide if i will wait more or just buy the game again


from a legal point of view they can basically cut you off from their service without any reason at all and you can do absolutely nothing about it. they wouldnt do it without a reason obviously but in theory they could. since they havent even done that and simply disabled an external feature they deemed inaapropriate to be used in conjunction with their game i wish you gl with that lawsuit.

this may sound like harsh service contract conditions but ToS´s in these games are written in that way so they dont have to fear the hassle of a lawsuit everytime they ban a cheater f.e. its industry standard.

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I honestly feel you should probably buy a new copy of the game for that account :frowning: in order to start playing again. (if you want to play) I do believe your character progress is saved on that account so all is not lost. (besides $40) :expressionless: But, I don’t see a fix being something that happens soon. I’ve read on an orange post stating they will not transfer characters from one account to the other & I don’t believe they plan on re-enabling family share anytime if at all in the foreseeable future.


I do not know whether this feature was simply overlooked (it was not even working correctly as multiple people could access the game at once) or whether they intentionally launched with the feature active not knowing the infamous history of Family Share in past games.

As this feature can be used in any game that accepts it and it results in the sharing of the ‘entire library’ rather than a specific game and it is a vehicle for exploiters to readily abuse, I find the feature very faulty… How many devs worked for many months or years trying to correct the problems the Family Share feature was causing in their game only to have to come to the agonizing decision it had to be disabled? At least Amazon games was only ‘weeks’ in rather than years before making this decision.

This is a little like saying that the gas station on the corner will probably be robbed again at some point because most gas station in that neighborhood are so let’s go ahead and just leave the front door open and the store unsupervised.

A botter will stop paying $50 for accounts when they are banned enough via reports or ‘catch mechanisms’ Amazon Games is working on and puts into place. Now TEN free account that can even circumvent bans, that can be a game breaker.

It would take a while for a botter to profit to the point that they can afford a $50 account each time they are banned Also keep in mind that disabling Family Share is for much more than just botters, this is the main vehicle that exploiters use as well for duplicating materials, pass off materials to other accounts, reentering games after bans to do more exploiting ect.