Steam Family Share Disabled and no refund for skins bought in-game store

My wife started playing the game through family share as well… But she didn’t get a copy as well.

Got the email! it looks like steam gave full access to the game, it appears in my library as a game I just purchased instead of family share :open_mouth:


Glad you got a free second copy for your main account. I saved 40$ as I would have given you a copy if you pm’ed yesterday’s.

I think this is a great solution. Helping those that were using the family share as intended prior to disabling to keep their progress, but not reenabling the readily exploitable Steam feature to prevent more damage in game.

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well… im Pretty sad :frowning: 2 day before i buy the game :cry:

I guess my friend didn’t make the cut. They played legit too.

Nope. Not in the EU atleast. Digital goods have no rights for refunds as soon as you’ve downloaded the object. This applies to in-game purchases as well.

I would suggest anyone playing legit that did not ‘make the cut’ open a support ticket to see what happened.

They did, their repsonse was.

Hello, greetings from Amazon Games!

Please follow all the news regarding this issue on the official forums: [Notice] Family Sharing Update

We look forward to seeing you again soon thanks for contacting Amazon Games!

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

Do the live support chat with Amazon

He was right though. It made no sense to buy it on a second account rather than the one you were playing on. Hopefully everything is taken care of now.

Me, or my friend who I family shared with?

I am not certain. I would probably try whoever has the Family Share account first maybe?

Imagine thinking you are entitled to 2 copies of the game when you only buy 1

Imagine necroing a 28+ day old thread.

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Imagine using the world “necroing” if it was dead it’d be closed nice try though. Go back to posting on Reddit and eating cheese puffs

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