Steam launch options for performance?

Does anyone know any good launch options to improve performance?

Nope and you may not want to try until you get confirmation this through a CM/CL on forums that it wouldn’t break the ToS with AGS…otherwise banned and you lost whatever monies you spent for and in game (if any)

Why would you get banned for using launch perimeters that are set by the developers themselves?

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The anti-cheat program AGS is using for NW is horrible…certain NVIDIA drivers is getting blocked or banned (Forgot which but I do know it’s happened to multiple people and it is a driver issue) so bearing this in mind, who’s to say what could happen if you manually do go in changing things.

I only offer a warning, you do at your own risk if you do so before trying to find out if there may be a problem. I hope if someone does it that they don’t get banned by the program and can play w/out desync, I do, but at the same time I’d hate to see a post from someone saying they’ve been banned for ‘nothing’ while attempting this

i ran with -threads 4 on my old cpu, it kept overheating otherwise (it was old)

This will unfortunately make the game look a lot more potato.

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