"Steam must be running to play this game" Start error

had problems with chat and restartet my game → not fixed
had restartet my pc and it was a windows update there so i install it at restart and now i have everytime anyway what i do the error

tried to:
deinstall the win update
install all optional updates
disable overlay
running as admin from new world folder
delete the steamappid64.dll
reinstall the whole game


I am having the same issue. I am also trying to reinstall steam. Super annoying. I just logged on this afternoon fine.

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Having the exact same problem! Hope amazon game studio will come up with a fix soon, I read on a different forum that its due to Easy Anti Cheat being down so it cant validate the files.

same! this sucks

Same error. Where’s my compensation!

Please read the bigger post on this and do not do the “Delete EAC Certificate” fix that some say work because it does not they have problems later on if they did that. Best to just take a break until steam fixes it themselves as I’m sure amazon will be calling them soon. lol

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Same error here started after updating steam

Welp, same thing here. Guess I’d be playing something else tonight.

Same thing here! =(

same here didnt change anything.

same error here, any fix?

Same Erro here, its sucks

Here the fix!



Jupp, it’s a steam problem. I tried the fix, but right after you past the old steamclient64.dll the system updates again.

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+1 having the same issue just after the steam client update.

Ahh… same here… oh well, just be patient I suppose

Also having the same issue. Tried deleting the EAC Certificate and it seemed like it had worked because I could start the game, but then it wouldn’t let me login to my character.

Guys this is the solucion for this fix


Same. Multiple threads about this. Really rough. Missing out on major WAR and taking a spot.

Error happened due to new steam update. Easy Anti-Cheat see’s it as pirated. Wait for the update fix.