Steam wont refund

Both me and my friend got a big fat NO when we tried to refund on steam.
I have 155 ish hours, and my friend has 500+.
Is there no way to bypass this “2 hour playtime = you cant refund” bs when the game is broken, buggy and not complete?

No, if you played for more than 2h you can’t refund.

yeah and if I go to a bar and order a glass of beer and drink it all I wont expect a refund, but if Im served sparkling water with food coloring and notice while drinking that this wasnt what I bought, I expect to get what I bought or a refund.

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You should go over steam’s refund policy.

Not sure what you were refering to sending me that, but it seems to be a way to still get the refund reading that

You felt it was complete enough to play for 155 and 500+ hours.

Hello @TheVodouMaster

I do understand you’re upset due to certain aspects of the game. Rest assured our team is all hands on deck to be able to provide the best experience.

Unfortunately if it was purchased through steam you’d need to adhere to their policies.

You can find further information to get assistance from steam here:

Hope the information help!