stick of life attack speed

Don’t you think that the staff of life should be able to hit all enemies with a light attack in the circle of impact?

i am healer, i find killing in aoe alone for a chealer is too slow due to attack speed


This is why Amber gems exist. Healers do a pretty respectable amount of damage with any weapon with an amber gem.

yes but one enemy at a time :confused:

This game sometimes confuses me as to whether healing is designed to be a main vs backup option for combat. They have a “combat” healer spec, but that tree is woeful imo with huge cooldowns.

I forget what the ability is called, but there is one splash/aoe skill in that tree…but it only seems to trigger if you hit the main target…I could be wrong

Get a hatchet and spam all the buttons, not sure if it’s the best but it works for PVE.

When a healer is soloing, leveling up, that character isn’t a healer. It needs to deal damage to mobs just like any other “class” does.

I equipped a secondary weapon with amber gem, but it only takes 50% of the damage and scales it up with Focus. Essentially, that weapon deals half the damage my life staff deals. I kill single enemies wth my staff faster than I do with my secondary weapon.

Other games have switchable trait builds. You can have a couple of builds or three, where you spend your attribute points and weapon masteries, then switch between builds while out of combat.
This is the real solution for support “classes” to have a leveling trait set, and a group trait set.

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They removed the healing AoE from light attacks. Don’t think they will add AoE damage to life staff anytime soon.

Don’t worry, “chealer” are getting nerfed.

Why did they remove the AOE healing from the light attack ? We were not supposed to be nerfed on this passive skill in the patch note.

Please let the developper’s team know about this new bug.

Thanks for making this thread live.

but I would like to be able to hit more mobs at the same time :confused:
with my stick

Heal needs to count toward weapon leveling. It’s a pain to shoot every mob in instances

In all honesty i think they should add well a druid talent tree in a sense as it is a nature staff i mean thing does nature damage

There’s 2 direct heals in the left side.
One is a single target big heal that can conditionally also heal other targets based on health states.

The second is a longer cooldown massive range team heal.
Its called Splash of Light IIRC.

I think people over value Beacon and SG in PVE content lol

Every other ranged weapon works the same.
Theres pros and cons to everything, its just balanced.
If you want to hit more things then get the con of not being neigh immortal and go fire staff.
You cant have your cake and eat it too

The thought of leveling life staff sickens me.

I’ll wait till 60. And tag along to elite runs and shoot it randomly at mobs while using my 20 wep.

It’s so tediously slow to level it.

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