Sticky Bomb has LESS usability now

Nobody has mentioned this before, but the most recent patch which claimed it INCREASED the usability for sticky bomb didn’t actually do just that. In fact, sticky bomb was basically giga-nerfed.

You can now move about 2 or 3 steps while throwing sticky bomb.


Sticky bomb now takes longer to throw and you can’t roll out of the animation nearly as quickly as you could before. On top of this there is no stagger. Even worse is that the throw feels like it has changed its angle, and after a year of throwing sticky bomb and being damn good at landing it, it now feels like I’m throwing a gigantic box of laundry detergent or some weird oddly shaped heavy object. It feels like it never goes where I want anymore.

Please reconsider this change as it just feels awful now. I used to love running sticky bomb but being stuck in the animation, the odd throw, and the lack of a stagger makes this move downright awful. I’ve since switched to Stopping Power which also feels awful, but slightly less than sticky bomb. I won’t even consider trap because it’s worse than the other three choices.



You wont find any support on these forums with musket lol.

Agree though. Sticky does feel more clunky. I still use it, but it does feel clunky AF.

And for good reason(subjectively speaking of course :joy:.)

I’d be fine with reverting the change but the functionality of using it as an animation cancel has to go.

Nobody uses sticky bomb as an animation cancel…

I swear people on this forum DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ.

Yeah, they do. Or did.


You don’t have to insult me over you not knowing something :roll_eyes:


Gotta agree, never even knew about the animation cancel to begin with :rofl: :rofl:

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Yeah It’s how people get that tactical reload shot off fast as shit :pensive:

Also, just a side note…have you watched that video I posted? Aaaaaaaall that stuff. All that tweaking of settings using other programs. All the “tricks”. Jesus Christ.

Imagine if AGS just had the mental capacity to understand that musket should just be completely removed from the game and rebuilt from scratch into a functional non-gamebreaking weapon.

Everything about the musket is negative for the health of the game, there is not a singular aspect of that weapon which enhances the gameplay experience. It literally destroys the game in its current state. But has always been an issue.

They would rather keep the musket in the game and piss off the entire playerbase than to disable it and completely re-work it which would only piss off the 0.001% of the playerbase that has such low self respect they actually play a musket.


Do you remember the skills that it had during the alpha/preview event?

They gave it wall hacks as an active skill with a cooldown. Of course it was MUCH weaker back then. But like… Writing on the wall lol.

Did it actually? i never tried the musket in the alpha preview. I just remember it being projectile.

I get an odd feeling of satisfaction reading about a musket player being unhappy.


Yeah it was called hunters vision

Did someone shoot your dog with a musket or something? Christ man you’re ridiculous.

Everything I said is factually correct statement not just my personal opinion though.


Bro, get out of here. You’re clowning.

This dude acts like we play musket just because it’s broken or something and probably thinks we’re awful in other games.

Musket Mains are always going to come into defend their crutch. They are terrified it might get nerfed even though it deserves it in multiple ways. They have never anything of value to say, they never make valid arguments as for why it isn’t OP and just call you bad or just try to gas light you and make it seem as if you are the problem. When literally none of that changes any of the facts. Musket mains say the only problem is mortal empowerment, yet I have damn near been 3 tapped with a musket with 0 stacks and no exploit with 150 con with full resil, I had 1800 health left, after 1 abilities and 2 shots with 35 thrust and 1 ele aversion, It takes me 3 autos and a crit from fireball to kill 1 musket player at 0-50 con with out them potting. I have been 3 tapped by muskets at full stacks even with 200 con, I have seen clips of full heavy players getting 4 tapped with 0 stacks mind you, 10 seconds into a war and he is dead from 4 shots. Mortal empowerment just makes muskets worse. There are 10 other reasons why the weapon is completely broken and musket mains never address them, well dark day does say hit scan should be removed, but i personally don’t think the devs will. Most of them just deflect and call you bad trying to be a bully in hopes you shut up about their broken ass weapon. Honestly that’s what pisses me off the most about muskets, they all think they are these epic pro games. " IM GOOD AT SHOOTERS"… ya sure, that’s why you play a game where 85 percent of enemy players can’t shoot back at you while you sit up on your rock or fort wall and the ones who can you make truces with, so you can just focus on the pew pew every night after work till you go to bed. But hey maybe you are good at shooters, who knows. Besides landing a musket shot in new world is nothing challenging or impressive. Battlefield, cod, Fortnite any real shooter its harder to land shots than it is in new world. New world has slow and very predictable movement compared to real shooters where the movement can be very fast, and players doing all sorta of movement stuff and also people are always shooting back at you, making your character flinch, unscope etc. If there was a game mode that was “muskets only” no musket would go 50 and 0, 40 and 0, 30 and 0, yall would barely be going positive buahah, why? because people are actually shooting back.

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So they removed my comment where I listed the 20 different threads talking about why musket needs a nerf and why hitscan is bad for the game. lol.

Ait AGS, keep deleting and ignoring the musket complaints while u work on buffing the musket yet again. Go ahead and pretend musket isnt literally destroying the entire game right now.

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