Sticky sessions on queues

The queue sucks but I get it! There seems to be a few different messages that I and I several of my friends see whenever we get disconnected while in queue. Something along the lines of “too many messages sent” for example.

What I’ve seen other games do successfully is putting sticky sessions on queues. As the service errors out every now and then right now, you end up in the back of the queue again. It just happened to my friend after going from 2000 down to 90 and it just happened to me after 2500 down to 400. It’s happened to me several times already and it’s super frustrating having to wait another 2 hours to get in - but it’s worth it.

Any chance you have this part of the roadmap already?

This is one of the errors I just got:


UPDATE: This one fortunately didn’t actually kick me out of the queue.

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