Still bugged after patch

Hi Dev,

  • Fixed an issue that caused several weapon AoE abilities to not cause damage when impacting against terrain.

Beacon and poison shoot still get eating by the floor/terrain even with the “fixed” please review it and fix


Man I have a QA team that would eat their livers and make life so miserable if this happened at least once. Not to mention, this happens on every patch.

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They are truly doing an “outstanding job”. Yep.

Becaon and orb of protection with aegis perk bugged. As a healer this hurts a lot, since I loose 1 of my skills and people die thinking I’m not healing them.

Poison shot and gravity well still buggged too, so I guess all of them are still broken

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Couldn’t agree more, at my day job if something like this ever happened there would be a month long stand-down, internal procedure review, and the quality teams would have our heads on a platter.

I seriously do not understand how these kind of issues continue to make it into live. AGS do you need help? Maybe you should hire some from the community who actually play your game to test things out for you…

Any update on this? These issues are still occuring. Sucks for healers.

Grav well still gets eaten when I hit entombs with it