Still cannot get pirate outfit please help!

Hello, I’m still having trouble get the pirate outfit on my character. I have followed all the steps required multiple times, have all my accounts linked, double, triple checked everything is right. I have been able to get all the skins for watching twitch steams and I’m aware how to equip them. I’m at my wits end on how to get the pirate pack on my character. The only thing I can think of is that initially when I linked my steam account I used an old one and then claimed the outfit. I noticed on the prime gaming FAQ number twelve has a way to fix this which simply entails re-linking your correct steam account (which I have done) and still have not gotten the outfit.
Asking again to see if anyone else is having issues or can suggest anything else… I appreciate it.
Also, I cant find a way to contact prime gaming to get help there either.

I have the same problem. I got the marks and the emote, but I don’t have the pirate pack. I talked to support chat who created a ticket and said something would be done in 2 to 3 days…Idk how I will get the rest of my loot but I’m still waiting.

So I am able to equip my pirate pack now. Either I didn’t know how to access them or they just appeared. I have to click on my equipment and then LEFT click. Then I click on skins, and it will be listed as swashbuckler.

Do not have this option still… or the marks … or the emote.


Any fix?

Same problem. I talked to chat support and they told me it has been forwarded to the team. Two weeks ago. Still not working and no reply.

Same exact thing, i’ve been in contact with someone from support via email for a few weeks now. No resolve.

Looking at all the problems New World has right now, I guess we can wait for our outfits forever :wink: And while I really want to have it, I have to admit, all the other stuff (invincibility, server transfer, wrong pictures on items, bots etc pp.) is way more important than a skin :'D

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