STILL can't dye voidbent helmet and boots

Cmon AGS is this intended feature or what ? Let me customize the armor I worked hard to get. It looks horrible if you dye chest, gauntlets and legs without being able to dye boots and head…


Cant dye skins either and you have them forever, bit odd, especially since you can buy dyes via the shop.

this is the least that doesn’t work. There is no beeswax, but it goes into the existing craft, it was never added to its campaign, the mobs were raised to the skies, the characters were cut, their vaunted 10% in the drop with the PVP flag does not work. The exchange and trade of household items does not work, they cannot even be put from the inventory into the storage and the overweight is constant. And those who traded and pumped this profession are now in the red. Amazon simply kills the project, the current employees of AMAZON games are not competent in their work, from the word at all!

Character Name: G31GER
Server: YS (US east)
Bug/Exploit: Bug
Effect: Dyes not working on defiled leather boots.
Reproduce: a quick Google search netted that many people are experiencing the same issue with not just the boots but all the defiled leather armour
Observation: please just let me finish my character so I can look cool while getting clapped

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