STILL no actions vs aim bot user?

dear devs/moderators
why are there no penalties for players using aim bot or other cheat?
it is so easy to see them. I propose to work for you for free to investigate cheat cases as a moderator. Please let me know i am very serious and i would be glad to. thanks in adavance for your response


Because taking action against such things, as well as all the bots, would too significantly reduce the player count. Which in their current condition would be bad in terms of marketing.

Hello @ed3pol, welcome to the New World forums!

I understand how you feel regarding cheaters in-game.

Keep in mind the best place to report players is via the in-game feature or submitting a web ticket.

Each player report is checked carefully by our dedicated team and actions are taken accordingly.

We appreciate the patience as we continue to work on this.

For anything else, reach out to us anytime. Stay safe!

I did what you suggested. we will see. leaving these palyers around will reduce the player count even more. it is always better to remove the bad apples

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