Still no balancing changes in ptr

updates right around the corner. bit sus


There have been balance changes made, but they are all not logged in the patch notes for whatever reason. Refreshing Pillar of Fire, Energizing Burnout, Keen Procs, Riposte’s Insult to Injury, and a couple others are nerfed from what is posted on NWDB and what I have witnessed from PTR testing. Not particularly thrilled that they are not telling us anything whatsoever.

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efficient burnout? or is energizing burnout a perk on the weapon tree? I was hoping to avoid the nerf to empowered meteor storm + watch it burn by just using burnout instead ha.

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Efficient Burnout, my b on the prefix. That ish got yoinked, 5% damage increase regardless of whether it is on weapon or armor from 33% and 19%, respectively. They did fix Empowering Meteor Shower ticking upwards because of Watch It Burn so that is good, but do not expect the empower to stick around after weapon swap if that was what you were betting on.

no i replaced meteor storm with burnout in my build layout to just avoid it entirely. I found when I was using meteor storm it was usually just for padding damage numbers or to get the empower. honestly sad if it is that nerfed I’ll just take a pillar of fire again or something else most likely

what about the keen procs

that riposte thing looks like a buff to me lol. empower after hitting a reposte + sundering reposte. rip

Power has moved away from it simply being “triggered” and now requires you to “successfully hit” a target to actually receive that empower buff. Also, you can proc the retaliate animation on Riposte, dodge the attack, and then flatten the user with a wrecking ball or any other form of CC. That was what I noticed from the duels I did and it looked as though there is no buff on your buff bar stating you receiving the “uninterruptible” status as advertised in the first patch notes.

Keen Proc buffs (Fortified, Speed, and Empower) will disappear after weapon swap and the internal CD will remain the same (no tooltip updates on PTR per this change or possible bug).

Are you saying, keen speed and keen empower are sharing a cooldown timer on 1 separate weps?

Or if I have keen speed on two weapon, proc on wep 1, swap to wep2 (drops buff from wep 1), I cannot proc wep2 keenspeed immediately because it’s on CD from wep 1?

Going with the trend that every weapon should be independent with no carryover buffs, they should infact have independent cooldowns and that’s a bug.

The entire dodge distance and run speed adjustments based on armor weight will shake up balance

Removing and fixing a lot of buffs from perks carrying over on weapon swap will help combat and make fights more easily interpreted

Rapiers adjusted to be more conditional instead of giving free bonuses

What changes are you looking for OP?

the entire game is about switching weapons. such awful nooby changes. im looking for a decrease in bow hit box and musket range fall off

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If perks&buffs carry over it’s harder to “tell/gauge” a players strength or power curve

For example, my fortifying perforate on a hatchet is pretty strong and players won’t know that I have it.

If I’m using a spear it’ll be more obvious/apparent because it’s in my kit as a spear user.

Thanks for the feedback on balance

yea but having it carry over allows for more build diversity. for example i proc keenly emp with my sns to have more burst on hatchet

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Sorry for late response, but yes it does operate as follows.

And no, I do not wish to have buffs vanish after weapon swap. If you are going to use a keen proc on your weapon, you should expect for it to exist for the duration advertised (especially when there is not a tooltip indicating otherwise). This interaction has been around for a year, doubting greatly that the interaction is harmful to “balance” as it may seem.

What is far worse are combinations that “break” rules if you had to ask me (double or triple procs, double damage con, etc.) that make weapons unique yet otherwise create serious edge cases. I still do not want them to go away nonetheless, particularly so considering how AGS quickly nerfed Tiger’s Instinct yet allowed Berserk’s Axe to exist without issue. AGS seems concerned with people blowing up while simultaneously making it easier to burst players all the while (heartgem runes, lowered defenses and increase offense from runeglass gems, along with huge perk overhaul in July).

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Looks like a bug imho as they didn’t consider independant cooldowns with the approach of each weapon being its own.

Also I tested all your scenarios in the PTR post, keenspeed 10 → 5s is either a bug or tooltip isn’t updated. Insult to injury doesn’t have Grit anymore (currently grit + stun immune on live, tenative change was only grit). Cheers

This hatchet is bad imho unless you’re fighting heavy targets. I play hatchet everyday and would never use it currently until Heavy meta takes over

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