Still no merger for fresh start? lol

I haven’t uninstalled.

What about you? Care to make an official announcement if you have or have not?

I did not and never claimed that I did. I will most likely try the changes out IF there’s a pop on my server to even test it. As I said many times before the server is unplayable currently.

To your play style … That is the part you forget to add.

Glad to hear that!! Hopefully you can try them out.

So this was just telling other people to uninstall then?

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As I said before I never once stated I uninstalled, no idea what you’re referring to and it’s cute you’re fanboying me so much that you think that I did. Never deleted a single post of mine.

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If you read the whole conversation you would know the answer, instead of quoting 1 liners from different threads. Maybe you’re confusing “uninstall” with “uninstalled”…

Here is the whole post.

I do not want to misinterpret what you said. I am asking for clarification to make sure I understand what you mean by this.

Kinda sounds like you are telling someone else to uninstall, but I could be wrong.

And go read the post that reply was sent to its not that hard.

Ok. Here is the whole 3 posts. Sounds like you are telling them to uninstall to me.

Man you 3 spend an awful lot of time on these forums. One would think since you love the game so much you’d be playing :thinking:. But here you are, every day, hours upon hours posting here to anyone and everyone who has a negative opinion about the state and direction of the game.


Yes. There’s 200 people in on the server and he’s locked from transferring. What’s he supposed to do?

Create another character on another server?

As I have done 5 or 6 times.

Ok, we now know you have not uninstalled but advocate for others to do so.

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Here we go again?

You think your words are absolute. They are not. That is the problem.

And yes… You use irrelevant against others answers. Perfect example of someone thinking they are absolute.

It how you say things.

Quite simple

That would be your advice not mine. There’s no way in hell I would re level, get all of my gathering and crafting skills max’d, farm for all my equip, gold, gems, trophies, expertise, umbral shards, orbs, etc etc all over again. I do not enjoy that brain dead gameplay, or brain dead questing. So that would be my advice. Also, why would I? When NW could easily just allow transfers and problem fixed. Instead they choose to let servers die, and players quit in droves.

He could be such a big fan of New World and is encouraging everyone else to quit and uninstall so that he gets the game all to himself :slight_smile:


How would you react if you invested all your RMT transactions into 1 toon? This is my theory on why they are so fanatical with their responses.

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Yes, yes it is.

Totally understandable. I skipped one of the betas because I didnt want to do that.

Fair enough. This game isnt for everyone for sure. Then why play it?

Yes, they should. I agree.

The FSS fiasco has gone on long enough!! Hopefully they will either merge or allow transfer sometime soon after the new patch launches.

For right or wrong, Katy said she preferred that this would happen.

It aint pleasant and Im sorry it has happened to you. The FSS fiasco created a lot of ill will on the forums and obviously the devs before they were implemented. And you have been snared up into the whole thing and that is wrong for the FSS players.



Yeah they’re known. For some reason the mods let them troll the forums and derail threads 24/7. Kinda funny though because they can’t handle their own medicine :skull:

Will have to get them another vacation


Wtf are you even talking about? How does RMT have anything to do with anything we are even talking about?

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