Still no musket fix? Done with New World

& joining the ranks of war loggers for my allotted 30 minute war per day.

Musket is fundamentally broken and has been ruining PvP for months, especially so the past few weeks with the countless cheaters & exploiters who went unpunished. Not to mention how many are still abusing third party software to alter their graphics to see through cover.

There is no hope for PvP in this game if AGS does not enforce its own rules.

The playerbase has been vocal for a very long time about how musket is singlehandedly ruining the game, and instead we got leaderboards no one asked for, and a 30 day transfer cooldown that no one wanted (& useless because the timer is client-side).

GG AGS, after a year of people warning you, and months of rapid fire exploits, ability exploits, and double or triple shot exploits, you still have taken no action against the small group of players killing PvP.

Playercount is currently 18.5k, down nearly 64% from when musket was re-enabled just 4 weeks ago.


The numbers speak for themselves that AGS is not going in the right direction with the way their leadership is directing the game. Screenshot below relevant to the last month, including the last 4 weeks since Musket has been enabled.


the only way to fix the musket is to make it non existent.


They still trying to figure out how to add that ONE door…
I heard ITS VERY complicated !

Musket next!


Here is what is ironic, after the weapon balance changes video Muskets dropped to maybe a few per OPR which made OPR less oppressive. When Leaderboards were announced instead of weapon balance changes, OPR is back to 5-8 muskets per OPR match once again.

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I’ve lost all faith in AGS, time to move on. Even if they wanted to put in a fix, it’ll take 6 months to a year for a simple hotfix.

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The player base drop off has mostly been due to the hype of Brim and fresh start updates dying down. The updates are why player base went up. Now those players that came back are done with the new/“fresh” content. Got bored with the game again, and moved on. What your seeing left now is the more dedicated players that stuck around, and were around before the updates dropped. Which as of right now is still higher numbers than before the updates.

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Numbers will keep going down my friend…
I’ve just lost 3 of my friends this week…and im sure I am not the only one having friends droping…

Im seriously thinking about it…only thing helping AGS atm…
Its Diablo IV & Throne of Liberty not being available

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When Throne & Liberties comes out I’m quitting NW and giving it a try…

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I am pretty sure you are FAR from being the only one…
But it could take 6 months…which is a big OUCH…

Not sure I can handle NW the way it is right now for 6 months

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Rest assured, everyone will do this, not only will they stop playing, but they will uninstall the game permanently and delete it from their steam account.

I just logged in to OPR - and it was absolute cancer. The other team had about 5 muskets knocking me down to 20 percent health in 2 hits from miles away. Yes - full resilient, shirking fort - medium armor.

I’m joining the rest - i will log in to war, that’s it. AGS fix your game.


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