Still no trading post/Trading AFTER patch? Did I read that correctly?

With that comes bots, coin farmers and dupes.

This is kinda outdated in an MMO, today trading is really not needed especially not in New World because most items are Bound on Pickup anyway.

People who trade are usually up to no good.

The NW economy is one of the main reasons I play and if you do high end stuff it’s almost needed. I had to go farm a stupid amount of mats to cut 5 gems, make 6 trophies and pots/stones to run Mutations this week.


have you played this game before?


You know, many causal players or PvE player mainly played because it was fun to go out and explore and gather materials. But now everything is already mined or harvested by bots farming everything 24/7. But that might not be a problem because that group of players probably already left the game.

But have fun flipping the trading post with 500 players online on your server.


Just log out. Seriously anyone who is annoyed by this, just log out. When player numbers take a hit, AGS might get the hint. Vet this game better in PTR. Period! This patch was in the oven a long time. There was obviously players ready to take advantage of this when the patch went live. Well then was it reported in PTR? What about these in game alarms (Gaslight Mechanism - probably doesn’t even exist)… guessing they did not go off in PTR. Just Log Out.

Next time new patch comes and we get locked out of a game feature… Just Log Out! Tired of this every Patch something gets shut down, turned off, disabled whatever.


@Aenwyn re:[Downtime] December 8th, 2022

Sorry to bug you as i’m sure you have your hands full but 1 question begs to be answered and I was hoping you could beg an answer from the devs.

Will there be a roll back of any kind because of the dupe/exploit/whatever it was, and will it affect only certain servers or the entirety of the game?

For many of us playing and farming materials for resources to do our daily tasks the unanswered question of our efforts being rolled back for the last 2 and a 1/2 days hangs heavily and begs the question of whether or not we are wasting our time.


I can confirm that we will not be rolling back the servers and we’re working hard to get the Trading Post and player to player trading back up as soon as possible.


i don’t geet it why not roll the servers back? thats the only thing thats gonna fix this thing. you ban the cheaters and then they harrass you in email for a month and you unban them. this is such a bad system.

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and you punish the innocent ppl invested their time in the game as well? No thanks.


Need to work harder i think :stuck_out_tongue:


ah ok sure. let the millions of duped gold and items stay in market and fck up the whole eco. yes thanks.

For future instances where trading needs to be disabled could we at least get consumables made infinite for OPR, Expeditions, and wars until trading is once again re-enabled?

I usually keep most consumables reasonably stocked and can craft the majority myself but I know plenty of those who don’t/cant and it is restrictive on what you play while this is occurring.


I appreciate them taking the time to fix the issue and remove the duped items.


You honestly think AGS can roll back servers without messing something else up? I dont. Im not a hater either, they just havent given me much confidence in the last year with their various antics…

It wouldnt surprise me if they did the roll back to 06-12-2022 but someone accidentally resets everything to 06-12-2021 just because… AGS…


Thank you very much for your response, we will be patiently awaiting the fix for the TP!


Why close player to player trading the duping method was only available on the Trading post, People can’t get the gear they need crafted from their crafters for their mutation literally all PvE end game content has been cut off for majority of the player base.

Just issue a ban to anyone caught player trading in duped items.


They re-enable 3 day CD transfer, so most likely those who slip through the radar will bypass that.

To reduce the ability to traffic those duplicated items. Imagine if you got 100 golden scarabs from the market and traded it to someone else. That would make figuring out who has what much much harder.

I imagine that they will be banning people who intentionally did the exploit.

LOL that is false. I bought a Bonechopper axe for 10k because the guy didn’t know the worth. After I told him it goes for 50k on my server, i offer to buy it from him. He said someone offer him 5k, and he would let it go to me for 10k. It saved me so much time farming for it. I spent 2-3 hours farming as it. I ran into someone farming for it for 2 weeks. It definitely saves me a ton of time on buying items I want when my RNG is bad.


Then you have lost all integrity for the game.

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