Still waiting for a decent greatsword skin

Transmog is on the horizon, which means we’ll be able to wear the nice low-level armours from the game, but there’s still no realistic greatsword skin in the game yet, unlike what you can find for a few weapons in the Runic weapon skin bundle, which was released at release or shortly after. The only vanilla models I like are the julian/legion gs and the one from Tempest, but they are still a bit weird.

The regular crafted orichalcum gs and many named ones have the same model but different colours. The handle looks fine, but then the blade is absurd (too thick and why is there a hole in it).

If we aren’t going to get a somewhat realistic skin at the store or as Prime loot, another solution would be to change these models I just mentioned into something like this (forgive my limited artistic skills):

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I’m a fan of unrealistic designs sometimes. My favorite non-cosmetic GS;


I also like the one from Tempest, which seems to be close to the proportions you suggested;

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Those are still too wide, and probably too heavy. I’ve given up asking for more realistic weapons. They didn’t listen to it during alpha, go-live or with the recent expansion that brought us the ugliness of the greatsword.

Yeah they all look like you are larping I was also disappointed in this when they released it. I always play. Two handed sword on every game because it speaks to me.

The best one I have seen yet is the one from the twitch drop, unfortunate it’s Stuck red but I think it’s the lowest profile one.

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I’m so excited about a ton of the Greatsword skins, although it do think they should create an ultra realistic GS skin for the ones looking for that. I know that when GS was getting spoiled there was a small portion of the community that really wanted them to go with the realistic look and not the absurd oversized look (that I absolutely love haha), I think a simple win for that is just release a skin that can be used by these players. Then everyone is kind happy.

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I like the shape of the Greatsword of Mars but sometimes not the colour, depending on outfits. I’d like a plain steel-coloured one like that, or maybe we’ll be able to dye skins when transmog comes in.

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