Stocking up on gypsum casts

Has anyone seen any confirmation if it’s a good idea to start stocking up on gypsum casts and then pop them all on day 1 of the patch? Or will it not work on casts before created prepatch?

To make it clearer.
Trying to find the quickest way to push from 590 to 600.
So I’m asking myself if I’m already capped now, can I start making gypsum casts for pieces and then open the casts or should just hold on to gypsum orbs and do it on a daily basis after patch?

For example: create 10x musket gypsum —-> pop it on day 1 to get instant 600 musket expertise

I think it would be better to just save the orbs just in case.

HOWEVER, with the gypsum casts, your expertise does not bump until AFTER you open it.

So i would imagine that stocking up on (using your example) 10 musket casts and then opening them all when the patch goes live.

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox

Could we all get some clarification on this??

And on another note, what about stockpiles in SM, will the solo grind for expertise even be viable anymore?

All questions I’d like answers to as well

I’m stuck in the same boat right now. I would love to stock up on gypsum casts but I am too affraid to waste my orbs in case the casts wont work as inteded after the update.

I decided to gamble and created 5 casts for different items today. If it turns out I’m wrong on latch day I’ll be behind by such a big gap tho

I’m all 590 atm except shields and have been making and storing orbs for days now. If it is like everything else, once a box drops, the items in it are predetermined before opening it. Gonna save mine, the jump isn’t that big from 590 to 600. It will take you a week to craft them each day, not that big of a deal.

AGS: We need to implement content injections that both encourage a progressive advancement, and inhibit ‘skipping’ progression.

Players: How do I skip this?

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