Stoneform is Not Working, CC Still Affects Your Character

Several forms of crowd control debuffs are still affecting you whilst you are in Stoneform for reasons beyond my understanding. From what I have observed, Gravity Well slows you still while you are in it, melee sprint disable still punishes your character (how or why I do not know), and Relentless Rush’s broken Root renders you incapable of dodging even while in Stoneform.

The above and several other issues needs to be addressed. Thank you.

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It also doesn’t remove the stun that is applied in the final boss in ennead the one that you get a beam attached to you, you run, it stuns you in place and them drops yellow crap at your feet. You should be able to trigger stone form to cleans the stun.

It also isn’t cleansing the fire debuff from the bigger bull like boss either.



Hey there @ThePunishedGuyTM. Really sorry for not being able to respond sooner. I sent you a DM to gather more details to help with the investigation.