Stop Acting Like More Servers Is Good Enough, We Need The Transfers

I, along with other people, have characters that are at least 20 hrs. in to playing and I don’t want to restart again. Allow us to transfer our characters, I want to play but since I’ve played since launch I don’t want to restart my progress. I have work and I happened to be off for the first 2 days of launch. Fix this because it shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place

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I believe they have already said there will be transfers, they are just getting the servers stable now and this will come once the dust is settled. People just need to be patient.

I couldn’t agree more. Its disrespectful to players times to expect us to disregard our characters and create new ones on a low pop realm. The free transfers need to be enabled now so we can move our establish characters to realms with lower pop and ques.

They have but it doesn’t fix the fact that we have established characters we want to play and can’t because they are in queue prison. If they would just add the transfers already there would be no reason to complain.

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