Stop Adding New Perks

As a sole crafter in the game I am disappointed in all the additions in these new perks every update. Before all these new perks were added such as the thwarting one it was already hard enough to roll good gear with decent perks because of the useless perks nobody ever wants to roll such as the harvesting luck ones or durability. Every new perk added makes it harder for crafters to do their jobs in the game because it significantly decreases our chances of rolling solid when it’s difficult enough already. There is nothing worse than rolling a bunch of legendaries that start off with 2 solid perks and then the third slot is taken up by skinning luck or corruption resistance making it not evwn a legendary at all anymore. If more perks are to be added into the game then maybe you guys can consider taking out some perks from the buckets that arent sought after such as all the harvesting luck perks or the ancient, corruption, blight, durability perks so that gear we roll will at least always be usable in some compacity with perks that make sense. Instead of blowing 1000 Asmodeum and having to salvage all the legendaries because corruption resistance doesn’t sell well. #JusticeForCrafters



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This is actually a very complicated topic. This really comes down to the designers choice of how much effort and energy they want to add to game balance, and how high they want learning meta and complexity to be in the game.

There are good and bad things about that. As a designer, i genreally am very strong about not intentionally adding complexity to a game. Adding complexity tends to impact the max potential population a game may have in a negative way.

From the player side of things, i really think that a lot of perks on the armor needs to be removed. There is lots of repetitive concepts in perks. For example, damage reduction can be provided by reduced ancient/beast etc damage, various adversion perks, and raw reduced strike damage type of perks.

These sorts of perks should just be consolidated into a rework of “reinforced armor” (currently providing more durability) to grant “bonus 2-4% armor” instead, and removing all of the many above perks (keeping the adversions since they mechanically work differently).

People are tired of seeing reinforced armor (durability) or beast damage reduction perks. The “useless perks” are a problem for most people and feel emotionally and psychologically degrading and upsetting.

It is vital in game design to have the three key aspects of design (the way it works, the way it feels, and the emotional attachment you have for it). In many cases these perks violate two or three of these principles.

This could potentially be resolved with a “perk reroll” system, but that is likely a ways off, and it may not be the best thing for the game depending on how it works. If such a system came to the game (and had no limit to the amount of rerolls you could do), you could potentially just reroll to what you want and everyone would likely end up with the same 3-5 perks; this would negate the entire perk system. Such a reroll system would need to “tag” or “mark” the gear that is rerolled in an effort to limit each piece to a single reroll.

This is a very long and heavy conversation and honestly it really comes down to some opinions players have, and how the system designers feel about all of it and if they have resources (time) to develop those systems.

We have learned in decreasing player numbers that this was just one of the bad design decisions AGS did here. Its just one of the problems though why players left/leaving.
Though they keep going on with decisions like that but being very active on forums i have not seen anyone asking for more perks but instead people again are saying its just to much!
Another good example was the increase to 625 GS which nobody asked for and later AGS even admitted that is was way to early.
I remember a lot of people here on forums warning them and also i myself did many threads about saying that increasing GS now is a bad idea.


Adding perks no one asked for and feeling good about it. #facepalm AGS

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Adding perks is fine. They do need some ways to fine tune the perk pool. Variety is good but we need to cut through that when we have to craft with randomness. Reforgingvgear seems like the right path. But only allow crafted items to be reforged.

i am not so sure this is the case. There may be periods in time in the future that some perks we seem to think are bad, will be good.

For example imagine having perks that are something like

  • Refreshing
  • Beast reduction
  • Slash reduction

and needing those perks for pve raids, mutations, etc. having many perks prevents “cookie cutter builds” its just a matter of balancing them or improving the system in some way. I would encourage you to suggest changes to the perks, or how they are applied to the armor system.

Its not about perks being bad or good. Its about that its way to many perks in this game and just one of the problem is that it becomes even harder to craft BiS items. Its hard enough now already.
But talking about good or bad perks we can clearly say that all of us have a lot of gear parts having at least one perk on it which is most likely useless and having that after several hundreds or thousands of hours is just a shame. I have barely seen players having 100 % BiS items for PvE or PvP. Its mostly a mix of decent and trash perks.
I wouldnt have a problem if they add new perks but let us for example decide about two perks and the attribute so people dont get frustrated by wasting thousand of coins for useless crafting atempts.
But as it seems they just want to leave it as i is and just add even more frustration. I guess its unintentionally because they simply dont know better. My opinion is that this is not a good design decision and will just trigger the community even more.
The last thing we need right now is more frustration because the life of this game is hanging on a thin line and every upcoming patch is gonna decide if we gain or lose players.

adding new perks is fine, the problem is how hard crafting good gear was, they should add something like the crafter wants to make a pvp gear or pve gear, so we won`t find res+farming luck anymore

No adding new perks is not fine if the core thing as you said is leading to frustration.

Before they dont give us an opportunity to decide about two perks + the attribute then its just going to an even worse crafting mess and waste of crafting materials.
Crafting is to much gambling in this game and it becomes even bigger gambling like this.
I have played several asian mmorpgs that were supposed to be one of the biggest gambling RNG games but to be honest they were not even close to New Worlds crafting system.
Unfortunately the drops from dungeons are also 99 % salvage items.
I mean there are plenty of reasons why players are leaving the game and this is just one of them. If we keep going on like this then nobody should say in the end " how could this happen".

I understand what you are talking about, I agree with you, but I also love the new perks as well, cause the upcoming perks are not bad and most of them are for pvp

Yeah i also like to have one of the new perks on my gear combined with some old ones but i know already that i will not get them since i havent even managed yet with the old perks to get all the gear i wish to have to say i am seriously best in slot for my playstyle.
In the meanwhile i just keep upgrading not best in slot gear with my umbral shards so i can compete in mutations and actualy feel bad about it since gaining a good amount of shards is very hard and takes time if you want to push to 625. Thats just another point of the whole core thing that doesnt feel right.
So one problem leads to another and this is the whole circle AGS seems not to understand.
Progressing right now feels for me like frustration that i still keep doing because i like the game overall but i know exactly its wrong.
I hope AGS will read my feedback carefully one day because day by day everything that remains unchanged is gonna be bad for the player numbers.
The time were players wait months for stuff to be fixed or changed are over and i barely know anyone that wouldnt agree with me if he/she/it is honest.

No, adding new perks is not fine. Crafting is only half the problem, more useless/bad perks also lowers the chances to get good random gear from chests and drops.

did you check the upcoming perks for new patch? just 1 of them is bad, other perks are really good in my opinion even for pvp and crafting

Yes, I did. So which of the new perks are good for pvp in your opinion? Besides shrinking evasion?

I like all of the shirking perks, I just hate that gathering recovery perk

All the shrinking perks on weapons are nerfed version of already existing flame chain/flame attunement etc.
Shrinking perks on armors are all much worse for current meta where resi/freedom is king, I wouldnt pick any of them even over elemental/pysical aversion.

@BRGF the whole NW loot system with randomly generated gear of the duelist (focus/dex) , spellsword (str/int), nomad, artificier etc is very poor design imo, since there is no viable builds for such attribute combinations. Now with even more bad/useless perks added the game it will make loot even worse. Getting loot is the core mechanic of any RPG, it’s that dopamine rush when you get good loot in the game, but in NW that feeling is instantly ruined when the first legendary drop is unusable dex/focus piece, better there be no loot at all, it only makes ppl get more frustrated.

I strongly disagree. Adding new perks to the game is good for variety and combat. It even means making new better armor for crafters. Also, this game is not minecraft. Why do crafters have to cry all the time? Open world drops should be more important than crafting. If you want to play a full craft game, Farming simulator 2022 is for you.

The problem is not the addition of new perks at all, but the crafting itself which is very badly done.

So they have to change the crafting system, taking away this stupid, absurd and excessive RNG.
And maybe even give the possibility to reforg items to change the perks.

One cannot play for months, to craft an item with certain perks, and in the meantime new perks have come out, new weapons and the meta has changed.

I stopped playing because of it, I couldn’t get decent pieces fast enough to keep up with the new meta.

Amazon, people can’t farm 8 hours a day, my boss at work doesn’t pay me to farm on new world. We have a job, a family and a life. We play 1/2 hours in the evening and not every night, if the game does not allow us to maximize the results in this short time and be competitive, we stop playing.

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