Stop attacking the game devs and community outreach team

Game design is hard.

It’s harder than you think it is.

Have patience, put out your opinion in a useful way, move on. They’re doing their best.

smh so tired of every gaming community being negative and acting entitled, like ya’ll, we’re all here together. We want these games to get better. So support it, be patient, and revel in the good updates while posting reminders about the negative points.


@Willbrmdz I am so tired of not being able to login…

True. Whomever pressed the go for launch button is ultimately responsible and they were doing what they are told. Unless of course the little fish were just telling the bigger fish what they wanted to hear. I doubt that but it happens.

I don’t think anyone is or has attacked the community team. Every single post I have seen has been respectful and courteous to all of them.

People are expressing great displeasure with the state of the game, and the clearly poor job done by the developers, but never the community team on the forum. Everyone knows this is their job and they are doing the best they can under the circumstances.

I think you are much more articulate than the majority of people, Webby. I respectfully disagree, but I do agree that posting your displeasures is fine. I just think that the personal attacks, as well as the assumptions, or the sheer entitlement, is not.

Thank you for your reply.

The low level monsters in this game have a huge aggro radius while they also leash until the end of times to stagger and slow.

The world is beautiful and the game can be fun but the monsters in this game make it to be as annoying and as frustrating as possible.

Thank you.


Well they had two years of constant player feedback before launch.

At this point I seriously doubt they have much of a legitimate defense about some of these issues.

Especially since some of them have apparently existed for over a year with no fix. Right up till today. After launch. Still no fix for two year old issues.

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