Stop complaining it wont help

They are doing their best to get the servers back online and you are still complaining. The gaming community is so fucked up nowadays. In my opinion New World had one of the best launches in the last couple of years and today is just ONE day with the Servers being offline and you act like you are not getting your drugs.

Sorry for my bad english.


No, they are not. 8.5 hours instead of 5 they promised when all other regions is working - it’s not “doing best”.


They are definitly not doing their best

Its a multi billion dollars company that cant even schedule a update at night


Stuff happens sometimes. Happens to other companies too, amazon games being big doesn’t prevent them from having problems. Its not like they are silent about it neither and letting ppl wonder what happened.

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Wellll… yes, a lot of complaining doesn’t help BUT speaking from CM experience, if it weren’t for complaints then no one would know what’s bad/wrong so they kinda help :rofl:

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when did they promise 5 hours?

By “sometimes” you mean all 2 patches? And next patches will be with same problems too, just remember.

And yes, they was silent, there was no ETA and people still wonder, why patch without new content needs 8,5 hours.



Next patch will be servers transfer patch

You’ll have a 1week down time with that one hahaha

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“approximately 5 hours” looks like a promise to you? how old are you

They stated there is no ETA , most likely due to not knowing what seems to be problem and how to fix it, but they weren’t silent, they told you there is no ETA and there is problem.
and yes, its their SECOND time doing maint. on servers , stuff is bound to happen and I expect next maint. to extend too :man_shrugging:

In the official downtime announcement: Here

Their “best” is far from good enough. This is a TINY update.

Why does it require 10+ hours to implement?
Why is it always EU that gets the short end of the stick?
Why was it scheduled to run during day time?
What happened to cause such a delay with only certain servers when the game should be identical in all instances/servers?

If you are happy to eat dirt from the floor don’t expect the rest of us to do the same.


Venting frustration is cathartic, and it can help from a mental health perspective even if it doesn’t help get the servers up faster. =)

Stop complaining about complaining. That’s even worse!


gaming is my drug !! soooo yeah i neeed my fix

won´t help, but do it feel better. yes it does. it feels goooood man goood =)

And? Stuff like this can happen and you act like crack junkies

Yea, stop complaining and making it clear what you’re not happy with. Just leave the game and let it rot. Brilliant idea.

Given how amazon position themselves as a technology company now they really are not inspiring much faith in them as one with this delay in getting a patch/hotfix/server maintenance completed. 5 hours in the first instance is a bit of a joke when it impacts peak playing times for an entire region (EU) but for that then to extend to 8.5 hours and counting with nothing other than a “we are still working on it, no ETA” is simply unacceptable. And no-one talk about them losing money during this downtime, they aren’t, and we could all quit playing the game now and they would still have our money. Given that I am generally a big fan of Amazon’s customer support, they are letting themselves down BIG time here.

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