Stop crafting you lose massive gold!

stop crafting or level your life skills its not worth ! you lose massive amount of gold doing so.
example 1 satchel

runic leather 45 5130
phoenixweave 25 5000
asmodeum 10 4000
grand rune of holding 7k +1500

runic leather 114+
pheonixweave 200+
asmodeum 400+
glitterning ebony 250+

example 2
asmodeum 10
glittering ebony 2
runic leather 1

total 4614

to craft 600 gr u need full sets for crafting + 3 houses with trophys + maxed crafting stations and max life skills + t5 food + luck

in my case i atempted to get 600 gr bags 5 times and failed my max was 599 with 3 minor trophy .to make profit i have to sell them over 15630 .and that is imposible to do.
oh and it took me a long time to even atempt at crafting them because of the 24 hour craft time (dumb system btw).i would be lucky if i manage to sell them for 6 k each but still as u can see u lose lots of gold so its not worth . not only that .
so you get fkt 2 times
1 time when u try to get 600 gr and secound time when u get random perks
even if u get 600 gr and doesnt give u the perks u need will make your bag worthless

same goes for tools or anything u want to craft

example 2 sickle
this time u can craft 1 sickle per day( still dumb system remove 24 hour pls)
getting to 200 life skill wont change the price of whatever you sell.
a major trophy price is set up by mats u need for trophy (that makes leveling life skills not a good investment )
lets say u craft a 600 gr sickle but has 1 or 2 bad perks durability and xp on life skill .u legit have to dispawn it because no 1 will ever buy it ( thats if u want to make your money back) u have to sell it under the minimum price to get anything out of it.

i have some solution for this
1.remove all time limit on crafting epic mats(legendary mats prices droped down hard because of the 24 hour limit)because you only need 10 of each every day people place the rest on market and thats how on my server it went from 100 g each to 10 gold each
2.give us full controll on our crafted items (like let us add mods to set up all perks )


If you want the best stuff, there is a price to pay.


I love to be that guy, but the issue here is you’re entirely basing this on the player run economy.

I know a lot of the stuff is rare, but you could get them yourself. Players are putting prices they think are worth it.

If the cost to buy the materials is vastly over the highest possible sell price then that’s down to players not valuing their items and selling too low…

We have to remember that because it’s extremely easy to level in this game everyone will be trying to get 200 and then getting their own 600gs gear. If people are making their own gear, and not buying it, the only way to entice them is make the prices lower to make it worth not doing it them self and settle for 599.

As the game evolves prices will drop, however - more people will have the final product.

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the price is set up by competition . if someone comes in the market and set the x price to 1k another guy will come and set lower than that because GOLD IS HARD TO GET!
so gold > time> profit
its hard to sell anything right now …

The price is set by things you only can purchase from NPCs, everything else is up to the player.

im confused…
Selling mats is better than crafting ?
yes or no

That is up to you.
You are the one trying to evaluate the time you spend on gathering vs the price others have set on the trading post on the server you are on.
All I can tell you: people on the trading post have no clue about prices.
All I do is buy and sell, the same item, in the same city, just at a different time, and this makes me profit by a factor of like 5 to 10 per order.
Players in this game have zero understanding about the worth of coins, because no NPC is telling them the worth of coins.
By that its only depending on you.


560 bags are pretty much as good as 600. If you’re wasting premium resources to min-max your bags, that’s your choice, but don’t expect anyone to buy those…

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so do tools so do weapons so do armor … so anything u craft is not worth

It is, as long as you yourself craft and use.
No one is going to buy any of those “fail-crafts” that happen on the chase for the single perfect item you want to use.

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I’d pay 15k for an actual god roll (600 GS and perfect perks) tool.

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why would you craft by yourself when seling mats give way more gold and buying from others at lower price its better?
u make like 3k gold by selling mats and spend 1k gold on buying with perfect perks from others(as an example not accurate on gold)

to get that perfect 600gr u have to fail 10 times if not more and when u get that 600gr u wont get your money back

This is solely your decision.
Im happy at buying all resources, just to resell them again at a much higher price.

It will all even out with time.

At the moment people are paying to craft, basically because they want to get to 200. Leveling crafters then fight each other for materials and that’s why selling materials is currently quite profitable. After people get to 200 they’ll stop buying materials (since there’s no profit for continuing to craft), demand will diminish and material prices will drop again.

The laws of supply and demand will make it so it costs basically “the same” to farm or craft. Crafting however might become profitable (for those with GS and lucky rolls) because of how you can tailor the results to some extent.

TLDR: Give it time. People are still paying to level their crafting skills. Once they’re all 200 crafting will become more profitable and less of a pure loss.

It won’t, there is no demand for any crafted items. Items not breakable and infinite.Once more people get decent items - no one will buy anything, also because devs added NEW 620 GS best rolls items

I would never craft random things expressly for the purpose of selling them on the market. It’s kind of wasted effort to do that.
I will however make something for someone if they ask and bring me the materials. Mind, I’m not the best out there, only sitting at about 160-180 ish between nearly all crafting, save furniture making. . .really need to get on that.
But, selling the materials is where it’s at, not the finished product. Green wood and iron will always be needed. Ammo. Stick with those and you will slowly make money, if that’s your goal. Otherwise, support your company and faction, you’d be surprised how much that actually benefits you.

Where did the information on 620 GS items come from?

On the subject of items, I’m personally in favor of unbreakable AND undamageable items, though I know that reduces demand for crafters. IMO crafting should serve the making of specific items, maybe tailored to specific builds etc. In order for that to happen AGS needs to allow for much, much less RNG and much more manual personalization of items through usage of 2-3+ slots for perk items.

Who need your crafted items/ tools if they can get this

On test servers, new armor, weapons, tools, new expeditions