Stop crafting you lose massive gold!


How is that item obtained?

Probably by doing some expeditions/ high lvl portals. No idea. They all calling “Omega” and dropping from omega boxes that you get as reward for doing something

That is glorious looking

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Because selling mats doesn’t give you Tradeskill XP. Some people care more about leveling Tradeskills than leveling their character.

They are on test servers… because they want the gear to be easy to get so you can test and not “craft” - you won’t have those on the actual release ^^

You know how i went from level 1 to level 168 in weapon smithing? Make iron swords. Simple, easy materials. It takes some time gathering, but the cost is minimal. (Well, depending on the crafting fee and area influence to lower it)

I’m not idiot, TEST GEAR is test gear with low GS. I’m telling about OMEGA gear, new sets of armor, weapons, tools

Because you don’t know how to obtain that, and it’s likely so difficult that it’s easier to just level up Engineering?

Yeah it’s probably reward for new expeditions and would be rare. But anyway it’s best gear you can get and everyone will try to do this

You know how I went from level 1 to 157 in Engineering? NOT making the cheapest thing because that seemed FANTASTICALLY boring. My way was more expensive. I’m fine with that, because, ya know, it’s a game and doing boring things in a game makes no sense to me. I have boring things in real life I could be doing instead.

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No. No they will not.

“Everyone” doesn’t try to do anything. Some people will. Some people don’t even run expeditions.

Get the point - not everyone plays the same way. No everyone plays for optimal. Some of us just … wait for it … PLAY.

just in life doing boring stuff rewards you in the end…
not in this game tho… getting 200 life skill reward you with nothing

true past 600 hours did the story expeditions and try 1 time open world pvp

That is entirely your choice, and your coin to spend, but by doing so you made your own money problem. I’ve gotten my engineering up to about 184, 90% of that was from making cheap ammo. I only make the nice things (if rng is kind) for my company mates and polite people in my faction. Usually for free.
I can easily make about 1k a day for about an hour of effort cutting trees and mining iron to sell, so that covers my taxes and then some.
Though, crafting in general isn’t actually exciting, it’s either something you do for enjoyment or something you do because you think you’ll make money.

And they increased EXP you need to lvl up professions

Because crafting and gathering was designed for breakable items. They refused to implement this and now everyone have infinite items and no demand for any crafted stuff

But I don’t HAVE a money problem. I’m consistently between 12k and 15k, which is fine for me.

Still not getting it - everyone isn’t like you. Some of us just enjoy crafting. Some of us just want to see our crafting level go up and make plans to do a tour through Great Cleave completing factions, leveling up weapons, gathering materials and then crafting them.

You are not like everyone. Everyone is not like you.

I completely agree there. While items can degrade they can always be fixed to perfection and never need to be replaced. This, at least in my opinion, should only occur on legendary items.

thats because u dont spend gold… i need gold to buy trophy and max them out in my 3 houses …each one its rare and hard to find… so they go about 10 k gold each

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