Stop crying finally

Can you all whiners please stop bi*ching around about long maintenance? You say only few little bug fixes and it takes ages. Do you know, they are also implementing server transfers which like 90% of community wanted? Then stop crying or stay in queues forever kids.


You came on the forum to bit<h about people bit<hing. lol

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Where did you get info that server changes are also implemented now?

Little kid with no respect.

If you actually read the patch notes… “We are also working hard on a feature that will allow you to transfer your characters to a different server, so if you choose one now just to get up and playing, you can make a different choice later to play on a server with your friends. Our goal is to release this feature next week, once we’ve thoroughly tested and are sure it’s ready.”

NEXT WEEK, Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Well maybe if the majority of the players didn’t use Macros and Running in place this update would have been easier and quicker. Seeing players Mining, cutting trees and fishing to stay in is upsetting to those that have to wait hours to get in. Since they started cracking down on it, my evening queue went from 1488 4 days ago to no queue last night at 6:30pm on Topan NE server

Thats not why your que went down, lol. They locked the servers so new players couldn’t join.

Wish you were capable of seeing how stupid you made yourself look.

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