Stop empowering incumbents

Many of the major changes so far have significantly benefitted one group of players: those who are 60 who have already leveled skills and watermarks, and companies who own territories. They have severely punished: players who are still levelling and companies who do not own territories.

I have two characters, one that mostly fits the first description, in us-west, and one that fits the latter, in us-east. I made a second character on east to play with long time mmo buds. I’m experiencing a significantly slower pace or character development now, and crafting skills may even be somewhat untenable with a 300 avg pop and no mid-game economy. Sure I can gather, and I do gather, but that’ll require more than 100k node collections. At roughly one node every ten seconds, and a job, that’s about a year of nothing but gathering. A year. To maybe catch up with incumbents assuming no content or level extensions are released.

So this is a request to please think about the bifurcation in population being created and provide real opportunity again for players and companies who are not already made. If you want balance they need a chance, and I know it sucks but they means you’re going to need to power creep out of this situation rather than buffing the grind, otherwise you’re increasing disparity in the population.

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It’s funny because I pointed this out, that the players who have already maxed are being constantly isolated at the top, which is becoming harder and harder to hit legitimately which is funny because there are those at 60 who did not get there legitimately, I’d bet.

People seemed intent to disagree.

I got there legitimately on Ptolemais (I’m not maxed in all trade skills). I’m working on it on Elphame and the road seems to go on forever now.

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Bro people who have leveled to max level and started end game grinds are incumbents dude. Get this political junk outa here. Oh ya, and as always, git gud, cheers.

It seems weird that they’ll do this-- that is seal in maxed out players, while increasing the gate to get there-- do they not want new players? It seems the experience is just getting less palatable for alts/newbies.

This is not political. You read that. As described, I have a level 60 toon w/ watermarks done, and a second toon levelling. Perhaps read what was written rather than extrapolating from the title, that way you could contribute meaningfully to the conversation.

Calling max level toons in an MMO incumbents is absolutely absurd.

Ok, could you suggest a better term?

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