Stop harassing the devs

It’s like complaining to the waitress’s because the cook messed up. These guys are just workers being told what to do they don’t control deadlines stop harassing them and let them work. The game has a solid foundation and will continue to approve


Then they should call the managers out to answer the complaints.

And yes, complaining to the Waitress IS the proper procedure. Because they are supposed to forward the complaints up the chain of command.

Maybe go to a restaurant some time before writing about it.

I payed for a full coarse meal I’m getting crum’s here.

thousands of us have been waiting 25 DAYS for even a little bit of acknowledgement due to game breaking bugs, there are people who cant use the trading post, cant craft anything, cant open chests or loot quest items, the list goes on and on with these bugs.

Look, I’ve played every MMO just about since 1996 (Ultima-Online Beta), and I’m not unfamiliar with growing pains. The problem is, when you see that the game is progressively getting worse rather then better do you really remain silent?


When I order a sandwich in a restaurant, NO restaurant would dare serve me burnt toast instead.
If they did burn a part of the order, they’d take it back NO QUESTIONS ASKED and give me a completely fresh order, at no extra charge, as a make-good.

So where’s my complete re-write of the game? I pre-paid. i got burnt toast instead of a sandwich here. So either give me a sandwich or give me a refund.
Don’t come to my table and burn the toast even more and call it a sandwich.

New World needs a health inspector, The kitchen is not sanitary


Nah I am good, I paid for my meal, and now demand proper service.

Kitchen, these mother truckers are cooking over the fire that’s engulfed the building.

We need Gordon ramsay’s help.

Or some gasoline and a match.

Its an mmo not a single player game and im stuck on dead server for 4 weeks now without dates given for server merges/transfers. I would say people got a right to be angry at this point

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my server is so dead and one sided, that syndicate are literally letting us win a war tonight just so the map has some color on it lmao

and void ores are 500 coin

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If anyone is actually harassing someone then yes that is wrong, But constructively giving feedback on something you paid for is acceptable, People love this game and have taken the time to report the endless game breaking bugs only to have them put on hold or made worse, Yes, they have fixed a lot but they are breaking more along the way.

People aren’t doing this to harass the devs, they are doing it because they love the game and they actually want it to function so we can play a lot and recommend it.

Another AGS lover.
Criticizes when they fails, praise when they get it right.

A small part of the blame lies with the developers, a large part of the team management.

I say why:

  • developers need to test the possibilities in your code in case of mistakes, a simple socket disconnect that is not handled correctly by the server
  • management receives numerous critical failure reports and never retreat, rolls back, or erases.
  • management too, focus on game content, not game correction.
  • beta testers, people intentional omite some fails or just not tested.

I see a good job from Art in Geral, Effects, Map Design Animation Effects, Audio and Audio Effects, Music composer, Modelation.
Animation design and monsters need stop using copy paste.

If someone Have a Nice job in mind just Tell us.


How did you get burnt toast, firemages were all nerfed?

You more likely have toast that you can’t eat cuz when you try to put it in your mouth it gets pulled back to the plate and sits there and then magically gets chopped into a million pieces.

It then reforms and waits for you to try to eat it again. Even though you are really hungry, the waitress tells you to wait a couple of weeks (maybe months?) and for sure it will be a nice tasty sandwhich… assuming you haven’t starved to death in the meantime :slight_smile:

I’m not really that doom and gloom on the game, but couldn’t help myself.

For what? Being right?