Stop healing in PvP for a day

I want to make a post asking u all healer to stop healing for 1 day and see how people react i want the Dev’s to disable ls for a day and see how people reacts i want to see new world being played like in real world or fps shooters just die in a second if ur exposed
Group up all healers it’s time for a strike

This isn’t the first time it’s been asked before on the forum. But if we stop playing support, well that’s what these loonies want. They want an mmo without supports. Giving them that for a day, means they will be even more thrilled to want it gone for good.

Instead lets hit them where it hurts. They advocate endlessly to remove or nerf the LS. So then lets start postin, n calling for the nerfing of potions and the removal of life steal perks, nodes & abilities that all grant similar healing effects, force them into a 30% < 0% > -30% scale forcing them into light armor, make every 20 points into con decrease all damage by 10%.

Hit them where it hurts and hit hard.


The issue is that they’re low skill players who flat out refuse to make use of any of the counters to healing and all they do on the forums is take up bad faith arguments with ignorant takes that get debunked repeatedly. Then they necrobump another thread and spam there too. Then if you actually put the energy into addressing the points they make, they mass report your posts. It’s quite amazing how when I made my profile private the amount of flags I was getting went from dozens in a day to none. Really interesting. If the moderation team on these forums were competent these people would have been banned for shitposting and abusing reports long ago.

I do think your idea would back fire some. The only people who really get healed consistently are strength based bruisers and other healers. Dexterity melee, shield and hatchet assassin melee, and ranged players are more self reliant, and not having healers will have a minimal impact on those players. Those groups will actually probably have more fun without healers because it will be easier to get kills.

From a ranged player perspective, OPR is a lot more fun when there is limiting healing, like 3 healers per team. I think that’s enough heals for melee to have some fun if they get pocketed.

It is not fun to DPS when there are like 5 or more healers on the enemy team. It’s too easy for the healers to heal each other as well as their other teammates.

One major gaming company did a study to see if people preferred long time to kill or short time to kill. Their data suggested that the vast majority of players preferred shorter time to kill. No one likes to attack someone and not see any results. The study was for first person shooters, so it may or may not be directly related to an mmorpg.

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