Stop ignoring mages

Just found out they added auto pots to PTR so its pretty transparent in what direction this is going xD holy fuck lmao

Edit: added the circling meme to the first post.

LMB LMB press Q LMB LMB press E LMB LMB LMB LMB LMB next target. Did I miss something there.

I will happily agree they’ve completely spoiled the other dps builds for choice as far as ring selection goes there and left mages high and dry.

Give me a fire damage crit chance hearty ring please

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I’ve been playing IG/Rapier lately and I’ve noticed that there aren’t really many options for grinding gear from PVE content other than Taiyangs Heart and Band of oceans. And I don’t even think Taiyangs is BIS, gotta craft what you want as a mage, cuz the trading post is dry as hell for light mage :rofl:


They have actual BiS rings for everything else, like rolls I didn’t even think possible

We need a 3 rings, hearty and keen then fire/ice/void damage to level out the field


Mages… Such a fun class to play.


lol Ty AGS.

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Ah yes the melee weapons in the mage split stat tree. I would prefer something with magic

Ahh pretty sure I seen this on my server and just fucking giggled.

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ITs frustrating as I love the FS abilities, but since I’m almost entirely a PVE player, i can never use it as it just doesn’t kill things and makes my life harder.

Separate the damn damage from PVE and PVP and nerf, buff items where needed. Its a joke really, nurf’in the FS further because you can’t 1v3… with that attitude you’ll need to nerf every item in the game. Such dumb decisions is killing this game

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Well, its killng game only for mages. 90% are melee so they are ignoring all mages posts and complaints.
It is like 40-45 posts from last 3-4 weeks about mages being underpowered but there is not even 1 answer from AGS. You see now.


More would be mage but its clearly not an option - I wonder when we’ll finally have Devs for a game who actually listen to its players who the game is… FOR -.- GG AGS you’re letting us down.

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How many are melee only because mage isn’t viable though?


At least 5 in my company so in whole serwer will be really big number. Some new players are changing from mage to melee after like 1-2 weeks of playing mage, especially when they see how many bugs mages have.

The devs are so bias to melee it’s unreal. The lag is almost made for melee haha
For me to be decent at a mage I have to drop con for more dps then get two shot by a musket or bow

I think that as mage u need 200 con (minimum 150). i believe this is mandatory to even have any chances in pvp.

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Bump :frowning:


Incorrect. Unfortunately you need the 410 int to do any meaningful damage. That leaves 100 points left for con. In other words you aren’t allowed to make any mistake, while your opponent can make many.


Game director doesn’t play mages explains everything… Ig needs some love

And all mana related talents need to change. All useless