Stop ignoring mages

With 100 con u are dead all the time, in every fight.
u really need 200con as mage. Mage dont have burst (only burst u have as FS/IG is ice spike but its very hard to hit) so all fights are long. 410 int won`t help u much with burst but ur survivability wont exist then, especially agains archers/muskets/assasins melee.
If u want make some fast dmg (burst) then dont play pure mage, take BB gun or go archer/melee.

Anybody that thinks mage does more AoE damage than anybody else, has not played bow or any 2h melee weapon.

Just because thats normally the case in games doesnt mean its true in New World.

Mages are outshined in EVERY ASPECT,
including AoE damage.

(You could argue someone using void gauntlet
before the nerf to where Orb could only hit
5 people could compare damage-wise, but theres no chance after the nerf.)


Lol yeah that’s the problem. You need the 410 Int for any significant damage (still outclassed on damage with this). But yeah you aren’t gonna get survivability. Likewise though if you’re running 200 con then you are not goving any actual damage for your team. So survivability goes to the wayside unfortunately.

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Yup, it doesnt matter if you run 510 Int.

I support this post 100% it’s not just Fire Staff that is gimped, look at void gauntlet also.
VG was nerved into the ground it’s freaking useless now …


VG is much better spot than FS actually :wink: VG dont need buff or nerf, its good spot.

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breh are u mad, any mage under 150 is throwing

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Bet. I run 100 con. Don’t play like a bot and put yourself in situations where you get killled. Mage still needs buffs though. You’re teams gonna be mad when your not even close to matching their damage.

that is playing like a bot. being too scared to fight people when things get tight

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Bruh. Are you trolling right now? No 410 int means no damage. No damage means no kill potential. You’re a bot and can’t handle staying away/CCing m1 monkey spammers. Sure it’s hard but that’s where skill comes in. Until we get buffs to damage it’s the only real route to go.

diminishing returns are crazy past 350 int just not worth mathematically

check and bump

Maybe now that Scott is trying out magic weapons with fresh start we will see some changes.

Right but you got no choice if you want kill potential. Even with the diminishing returns, it’s needed for the damage. Which still pales in comparison to bow or musket.

If you wanna be a mage, then switch to Greatsword/ Greataxe and make the blade magic xD
There’s no reason to play as mage actually.

There are some people who still use Void as support/debuffer, maybe even them are doomed because of the new heartrune are going to inflict disease.
If the disease is strong enough, it will be better to have more bruisers than having some void/ice or void/bb.

and Firestaff is the worst weapon on the game. it always was.
-It never did good damage (fireball didn’t have crit in the past and armor/weapon perks were useless)
-never had any cc (besides the little stagger from pillar and the garbage knockback from incinerate). who uses this crap skill?
-it has medium range,
-it’s base damage is lower than most weapons,
-It has the ONLY skill that needs channeling and is pure sh** (meteor),
-After doing an attack, you have a 1,5sec slow,

i started a new character on a fresh start server, and after 13 days, i have full bis jewels, 2 bis armors (regular pants is one of them), a BIS or almost BIS greatsword, BIS warhammer, and an almost BIS waraxe.

If i was still playing as a mage like i did all the time, i shouldn’t have this amount of good items.
there’s no bis ring, no bis amulet, not even 1 good named firestaff.




damn my 1700 hours on FS/IG wasted because i didn’t learn how to play it.

2 hours into a scuffed bow and musket build and i already play 50x better.


BUMP. @Luxendra @Shadow_Fox @Aenwyn Wake up. Start listening to people instead of adding some random shit that no one asked for.