Stop ignoring mages

Millions of gold rolling bis, shelved with no future. Patience ran out a long time ago. Can’t even sell mage bis gear. No one wants to touch it.

Let’s clear the air!

Why has it not been tested along side anything else ? Mages have been the last pick fat kid on every patch. What you do and what you say don’t line up… 13 months of getting dry humped is where mages are at. Fix it and a lot more than 3%… that’s the most let them eat cake BS I’ve seen yet.


Ok so I’ve been told today that the intented buff to mages (3.5% base and minor increase to burn damage) is actually an unintended nerf. Does anyone have the math on this to confirm?


How so? If that’s the case, there’s a bug. If you happen to have more information, please send it my way!

Why was Firestaff not brought up in the Q&A? It’s one of the most talked about things in the forums…


How would it possibly be a nerf?

@Aenwyn any word on fixing the aiming of pillar of fire when aiming at clumps of people using maelstrom? Maelstrom should not block pillar of fire, it’s not a projectile. Also refreshing pillar of fire only gives you the CDR around half the time.

Also Firestaff does not need more damage, it’s needs more utility and movement.

What Firestaff needs is the following:

Incinerate cast time sped up and knock down animation is lengthened.

Pillar of fire is now instant cast with no windup.

Burnout armor perk changed for adding grit.

Remove slow after casting heavy and light attacks.

Meteor shower rework to a channel that drops 3 to 4 meteors that hit for 130% damage with 3 meter damage radius in random locations over 7 seconds.

Ultimate changes.

Rune of Helios now follows the Firestaff user and can buff the fire damage of nearby friendly players if they are in it. It also increases run speed by 20% while active.

Reheat is reworked. It no longer is a useless ultimate ability. Reheat now causes each stack of burn to rend for 2% per stack. When a user receives 5 stacks of burn they are slowed by 20% for 3 seconds(20 second cooldown on the slow).

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i made a dmg test ( with video ) before patch, running the patch now, and bring my results on here, after i tested it again

Idk didnt check myself. I hope its just hearsay.

Let’s see the proof. It sounds like BS to me.

Heard a rumor about the buff unintentionally nerfing damage output of some abilities. Hopefully its BS.

idk just saw

and luckly i made a test before patch

trying it now, was to tired after work yesterday :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Weapon Dmg Increased from 1340, to 1387 roughly 3.5% as said by Dev’s

Light Attacks went from 1729 Fire, 625 Ice and 121 Singe Ticks
to 1790 Fire 647 Ice and 209 Singe Ticks = exactly 3.5% more

Pillar of Fire went from 4241 Fire, 1570 Ice
to 4390 Fire, 1625 Ice = exactly 3.5% more

Fireball went from 3632 Fire, 1344 Ice
to 3958 Fire, 1465 Ice only Fireball seems buggy it does way more dmg now…

3632 x 1.035 should be 3759 Fire Dmg, not 3958 as i got when testing

to mention is, that Watch it Burn, still ticks for less dmg

15 dmg difference per Tick now.


Thanks for clearing that up.

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They want more guys like CommanderAze from reddit slow left clicking and going “oh this is great” why are mages complaining? derka derrr @Commander_Aze

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Fire Staff Mages can only do Genisis Mutation!

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Another day, another bump

I’m so happy I released myself from such cares.

Tbh I dont know why I am still bothering. I only log in to play couple of oprs once in a while. Beyond that this feels like doubling down on wasting time

Honestly, 3.5% can be put in the… With that we do nothing.
Wizards should go on strike and not play anymore.
Personally I have stopped doing it and I do not plan to return unless I receive the news that they have completely restructured all magical weapons

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